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Everything you need to know about the characters of “The King: Eternal Monarch”

The King: Eternal Monarch is a South Korean fantasy-romance drama which is set to premiere this April 17 on Netflix. It tells the story of two people living in two parallel worlds; one is in Corea as constitutional monarchy, while the other one is living in present-day Korea.

To get to know them more, below are the characterization of the outstanding characters of the said drama.

Lee Min Ho as Lee Gon

Lee Gon, 33, is the fourth ruler of the Kingdom of Corea in the year 2020. He is labeled as the perfect monarch gifted with looks, sportsmanship, and intelligence. He prefers biographies that criticize rather than praise.

However, in reality, Lee Gon is a gruff, compulsive, reticent, and obnoxious person. He is also sensitive when touched by another person and does not easily let go of his skepticism towards someone.

The king is not interested in marriage as well as ensuring his successor to the throne. Because of that, he sometimes leaves the palace to escape the nagging from his family and advisors.

For him, the Royal Palace represented the safety of home, but also his most deadly battleground. When he was eight years old, he witnessed the murder of his father by his uncle Lord Geumyang.

Kim Go Eun as Jeong Tae Eul

Jeong Tae Eul, 30, works as an inspector in Serious Crime Unit for 3 years as she was undeterred by her academic knack for the liberal arts. She is our world’s version of Luna in the other universe.

Unlike other kids who are obsessed with fairytales and princesses, Tae Eul as a child was already interested with true crime series that made her distant from her friends.

She has strong personality and really determined to catch the culprit of the cases she handled. Aside from that, she has never been fastidious about personal hygiene and can dare to not wash her hair for two or three days. Gimbap rice and seaweed rolls are the most delicious food for her in her world while she’s in a stakeout.

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Moreover, an incident happened that shook up the people of the National Police Agency. A crazy man on a white horse appeared in the middle of Gwanghwamun Plaza who claimed to be a King from a different universe and guilty of traffic violations

Kim Go Eun as Luna (other universe)

Jeong Tae Eul who is Luna in other universe is a 30-year-old criminal. It was said that she was abandoned in the worst slum in Busan. With no parents and any identification, she did not officially exist in this world.

Learning about her situation, as soon as she was able to talk and walk, she needs to finds food to eat as well as places to sleep. She is also a strong girl who had the guts to retaliate two to three times whatever she received.

As she grow older, her arrest record also grows in the cases such as burglary, breaking and entering, assault, and forgery. The imprisonment finally gave her an official record of her existence as it was legally documented. She named herself as Luna after the stray cat that had survived in the slum.

Moreover, Luna cannot believe upon knowing that she only have three months to live due to cancer, and it maybe a hereditary condition. Until then, she never believed in any god but after the one who approached her both like the darkness and the light named Geumyang, she learns to believe now.

Woo Do Hwan as Jo Eun Seop

Jo Eun Seop, 28, is a military assignee at a social service agency. He is the type of person who had exactly 61 separate aspirations for his future during his first 28 years of life but none of them became real.

Currently he is away from college to fulfill his compulsory military service. His 62nd future aspiration is to be a civilian. However, it is not his entire fault why his life is so twisted. He was always with his mother helping in taking care of his twins sibling.

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Moreover, he sneak into the Serious Crime Unit during lunch. He also witnessed the appearance of the crazy man in a horse and almost passed out from shock twice.

Woo Do Hwan as Jo Yeong
(other universe)

Jo Eun Seop who is Jo Yeong in other universe, 28, is the commander of the First Squadron of the Royal Ones of the Kingdom of Corea. As the eldest son from the long line of military officers, his fate is to be the shadow of the King Lee Gon who calls him the best swordsman under the sun.

He exudes a sharp image and stoic professionalism as he never keeps the king out of his sight for any moment. For him, Gon is not just a king but also a brother, a friend, and a nation.

Jo Yeong was three years old when he first met Lee Gon. It was at the coronation ceremony of the eight-year-old prince. On that day, the young king once saw heartily laughing because of Yeong. After that, Lee Gon only laugh and cry when Yeong is around.

Kim Kyung Nam as Kang Sin Jae

Kang Sin Jae, 34, is also an inspector in the Serious Crime Unit and labeled as an ace detective. He once had a happy and loving family but in ninth grade, his father was imprisoned for embezzlement, and his nightmares being strangled by his own mother began. Thus, his mother became hostile to him.

After that, Sin Jae’s identity was defined by the names he was known by, as a “son” of his mother, “Yo, Kang Sin Jae!” by his friends, and his roll call number “21” by his teacher. Out of these names, he liked Inspector Kang the most.

He had not planned to become a police detective from the start but his nightmares urges him to be. He was definitely born for this job as he easily and passionately catch the culprits.

Another reason why he is quite popular is because of his good looks and he sometimes wonder whether Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun) finds him attractive.

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For him, she is the most beautiful person who exists; and instead of his nightmares every night, Sin Jae wants to dream of her every night.

Jung Eun Chae as Koo Seo Ryeong

Koo Seo Ryeong, 39, is the youngest and first Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Corea. Though born into a broken family having a drunkard father and her hardy mother who endlessly whacked away fish heads, she still studied and became a top notcher.

In order to advance her career, she chose to marry into a powerful and rich second oldest son of a long line politicians. She observed and studied everything in her surroundings, then she chose to get a divorce.

With her image, smooth speeches, and progressive policies, she won the election for prime minister four years after her foray into politics. She enters the royal palace with her staff for the State of the Union Address. Her personality screams elegance and confidence. As for her next target is the King Lee Gon.

Lee Jung-jin as Lee Lim

Lee Lim (King Geumchin), 69, is the half-brother of the late King and Lee Gon’s uncle who has a firm grasp on human greed and has vowed to become a god that is greater than the greed. He has a menacing and villainous aura.

He felt it was unfair when his half-brother ascended to the throne instead of him. Out of his anger and greed, he assassinated his half-brother, the King and seized the Manpasikjeok, a flute that he had represented a universe, more specifically two universe. He should have stopped there but he also strangle his young nephew.

Through his rage, he will pierce through their greed and transcend into a mightier being. He must seize the other half of Manpasikjeok that is in Lee Gon’s possession; and become the god of two universes.

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