WATCH: Lee Dong Wook sings “City of Stars” with AKMU’s Suhyun in Sea of Hope!

On the episode nine of JTBC’s Sea of Hope, Lee Dong Wook joined forces with AKMU’s Lee Suhyun to perform City of Stars. A popular track from the film musical, La La Land starred by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

Dongwook seemed shy at first but was able to perform well when the audience cheered on him. The actor has performed the song last year with BoA on his own talk show. Meanwhile, Suhyun never failed to impress everyone with her lovely voice! Their performance is part of Sea of Hope’s format.

The program is all about healing that features three themes: sea, bar, and a wish. The guests who come by the casts’ bar will be treated to delicious food, drinks, and songs!

You can watch their performance here:

Sea of Hope is starred by Yoon Jong Shin, Lee Ji Ah, Lee Dong Wook, SHINee’s Onew, Kim Go Eun, and Lee Su Hyun. Their musician team consists of Jeong Dong Hwan,, 10cm, and Jung-in. BLACKPINK’s Rose also joined the team as a part-timer as well as musician Sunwoo Jeong Ah.

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Bonus clip: Here’s Dongwook with BoA’s own City of Stars:

Ah! Lee Dong Wook can sing! We hope to hear more from you, oppa!

The featured image is from Youtube.

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