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Kdrama Alert: Jung Hae In is back on MBC’s “One Spring Night” as a single dad

Following the success of his first lead kdrama Something in the Rain” last 2018 and his fan meeting here in the Philippines. South Korean actor Jung Hae In to star again in a upcoming korean drama titled “One Spring Night”.

The series follows the story of the pharmacist Yoo Ji Hoo (Jung Hae In) and a Librarian Lee Jung In (Ha Ji Min). Lee Jung In is in a long term relationship while Yoo Ji Hoo is a single dad.

Let’s follow the twisted fate of a Librarian and a Pharmacist as they come across with each other.

This kdrama is definitely giving us the “Something in the Rain” vibe. Aside from that, aren’t we all excited to see Jung Hae In playing a father role.

“One Spring Night” is set to premiere this coming May 22, 2019.

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