Chae Soo Bin positively considering the offer to star in “Pirate 2”

Actress Chae Soo Bin is positively reviewing an offer to star in an upcoming film titled “Pirates 2.”

King Kong by Starship officially confirmed that Chae Soo Bin received an offer and she is currently considering the role for the film positively.

Furthermore, Lee Kwang Soo, Kang Ha Neul, Han Hyo Joo, and Kwon Sang Woo are also in talks to join the cast lineup.

“Pirates 2” is the sequel of the 2014 box office hit film “The Pirates” starring Son Ye Jin and Kim Na Gil. The sequel will keep the first set-up of “The Pirates” set but they will feature different stories and characters.

Meanwhile, Chae Soo Bin, who made her debut through the 2014 film, “My Dictator.” She became recognized for her promising performance in the dramas “The Rebel,” “Strongest Delivery Man,” and “I’m Not A Robot.”

She showed her new side in the drama “A Piece of Your Mind,” where she portray the main character, Han Seo Woo.

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