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7 Facts about Jung Hae In that you should know

Jung Hae In is a famous South Korean actor with great acting skills. Many Hallyu fans have been familiar with him through his previous dramas wherein he took the second lead role. Saying that, various fans as well experienced the second lead syndrome because of him.

Later on, Jung Hae In has finally surprised us with his lead roles in his recent dramas. In which, he perfectly swooned many people and made them fall in love over him at the same time.

With Jung Hae In’s upcoming solo fan meeting on September 28 at New Frontier Theater, why not we take few more steps towards him?

Let’s take this chance by getting to know Jung Hae In, mga bes! Here it goes, the seven facts about him that you should know.

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1. First appearance

Jung Hae In made his first appearance in AOA Black’s official music video of Moya. Check out the video from above! Can you see his baby face, mga bes?

2. Official acting debut

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Jung Hae In made his official acting debut through TV Chosun’s Bride of the Century. Which aired from February 22 to April 12, 2014 for 16 episodes. Wherein, he played the role of Choi Kang In as an idol singer.

On the same year, he also took part in tvN’s The Three Musketeers and Invent D’s The Youth.

3. Awards

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As said, Jung Hae In is such a great South Korean actor. In fact, he has that different charisma and acting skills that will surely move you and melt your heart.

Throughout the years, he has already won various awards! The first award he has taken was the New Star Award at 24th SBS Drama Awards. While his recent ones were The Artist of The Year, Asia Talent, and Best Emotive which he all bagged at 3rd Asia Artist Awards.

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4. Charming and charismatic

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As mentioned, Jung Hae In is seriously a charming and charismatic actor. He got that different aura that will surely make you dumbfounded while looking at him!

His charms and charisma are truly one of his assets that will make your heart beat so fast. What more if he smiles brightly, right?

5. Social media accounts

Do you want to get the latest updates about Jung Hae In? Then, you might want to follow him through his Instagram account here and Twitter account here.

6. Singing skills

Jung Hae In got that singing skills that will surely make you fall in love with him. In fact, he can effortlessly communicate with others through singing. He got that power!

7. Good friends with Lee Jong Suk

Jung Hae In is good friends with Lee Jong Suk and other While You Were Sleeping celebrities. He is also friends with other artists in the industry.

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Did you know that he has even sent a coffee truck on the set of Lee Jong Suk’s drama Romance is a Bonus Book? He is such a sweet, thoughtful, and kindhearted person!

Moreover, there are still various facts about Jung Hae In that you should know. Don’t miss out on seeing him with his One Summer Night Fan Meeting in Manila! Avail your pass now, mga bes.

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