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5 Things You Should Know About Kim Jae Wook

Boyfriend supporting fangirl girlfriend

“Every fangirl needs a Ryan Gold.”

This quote has been circulating the kdrama world lately. If you’re not aware why, it is because of the ongoing korean drama “Her Private Life”. Her Private Life tells the story of an art curator slash hardcore fangirl and a cold-hearted artist named Ryan Gold.

Many fangirls like us truly relate to the lead girl because it feels like the drama is narrating our story. #StoryOfOurLife. Also, a lot of the viewers including me swooned over Ryan Gold’s supportive behavior towards the fangirl lead. Of course, every fangirl would want to have someone like that.

Hence the reason why Kim Jae Wook is the current talk of the town. Aside from his handsome features, he portrayed his character really well.  But, enough of the kdrama talk, let’s talk about Kim Jae Wook. 

  • Name : Kim Jae-wook (김재욱)
  • Stage Name : JJ, Jayden, Jae
  • Birth : Seoul, April 2nd, 1983
  • Zodiac : Aries
  • Family Member : Parents and one older brother
  • Education : Seoul Institute of Art
  • Blood Type : B
  • Height : 184 cm
  • Weight : 65 kg
  • Profession : Model and Actor
  • Nationality : Korean
  • Language : Korean, Japanese
  • Talent Agency : Soop
  • Official Site : Instagram (

Kim Jae-wook is a South Korean actor who is known for his great acting skills in a lead or supporting role in some Korean dramas and movies. He is well known for his handsome appearance and model-look-alike with a good looking figure and a cold gaze that can melt everyone’s hearts.

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I mean look at his official ID photo. Sana lahat ganto ka fresh kapag nag papa ID picture. Hahaha.

1. He is in a band before.

Besides his profession as an actor, he is part of a band. While attending the Seoul Institute of Arts, he formed the band Walrus. They released their first album in 2011. They have been together for a decade but during that time Kim Jae Wook focused on modeling and acting while drummer Kim Tae Hyun and guitarist Yu Sung Bum played with other bands. Even though their careers interfered with their performing together, he can’t imagine playing with anyone else. 

2. He is a model.

He started off in the industry with a fairly successful career as a model. He walked for known brands and was part of notable fashion weeks.

3. He is serious with his acting roles.

He’s also been romantically paired with every female actress in many dramas & movies, and not everyone knows that he showed off his great acting skill in his unusual role as a gay person in one of his films. Kim Jae-wook is very determined to succeed in his career, and has taken a on a lot of different roles which show how diverse he is as an actor. 

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Kim Jae Wook in Ruler of the World

KJW’s first acting role was in 2002, Ruler of your own world, where he played a small role. He found acting to be too difficult and didn’t return to screen until 5 years later.

After his first kdrama he focused on his acting and modeling career for years. And then he successfully returned to the small screen on Dalja’s Spring in 2007.

But what got him public attention was Coffee Prince where he played Noh Sun Ki, the serious, edgy, emo hair-do, black nail polish sporting, fluent in Japanese dude who sells waffles! The drama is a must for any drama watcher, a classic gender-bender filled with a parade of lookers.

And then, he appeared in the movie “Antique Bakery” where he played as a gay baker.  His choice for challenging characters continuously showed when he accepted various roles for his future works.

His Past Works:

  • 2002 – Ruler Of Your Own World (aired on MBC/role as Ki-hong)
  • 2006 – Dal-ja’s Spring (aired on KBS/role as Chun-ha)
  • 2007 – The 1stShop of Coffee Prince (aired on MBC/role as Noh Seon-ki)
  • 2008 – 2009 – The Kingdom of The Wind (aired on KBS/role as Choo Bal-so)
  • 2010 – Pygmalion’s Love (aired on NTT DOCOMO BeeTV/role as Kim Ki-young), Bad Guy (aired on SBS/role as Hong Tae-sung), Mary Stayed Out All Night (aired on KBS/ role as Jung-in)
  • 2012 – March (aired on Armed Forces TV/role as Na Do-yeol)
  • 2013 – Who Are You? (aired on tvN/role as Lee Hyung-joon)
  • 2014 – Inspiring Generation (aired on KBS/role as Kim Soo-ok), Drama Festival “4 Teen” (aired on MBC/role as Jun-yi)
  • 2015 – Sweet Temptation – Only for You (aired on Naver Tv Cast/role as Seok Min), The Village: Achiara’s Secret (aired on SBS/role as Nam Gun Woo)
  • 2017 – Voice (aired on OCN/role as Mo Tae-gu), The Temperature of Love (aired on SBS/role as Park Jung-woo)
  • 2018 – Hand: The Guest(aired on OCN/role as Choi Yoon)
  • 2019 – Her Private Life (aired on TVN as Ryan Gold)
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4. He is a musical actor.

Kim Jae-wook appeared as Mozart in “Amadeus”, which opened in February 2018 at Gwangrim Art Center BBC Hall. The director is Lee Ji-na, who was established in the musical Hedwig”.

5. He speaks Japanese.

He speaks Japanese because he lived in Japan until he was seven. That’s when his family returned to Korea.

And that’s a load of lovely things about this hot Oppa. What’s your favorite thing about Kim Jae Wook? Share it on the comments below.

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