6 Reasons Why You Should Watch Classic Taiwanese Drama: “It Started With A Kiss”

It Started With A Kiss (ISWAK) is one of the classic Asian dramas that influenced me to continue watching Asian dramas. I first watched it with Tagalog-dubbed in ABS-CBN, 14 years ago. It received a lot of attention because who would forget our favorite couple, Jeannie (Xiang Qin) and Michael (Zhi Shu) right?

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This is a perfect trip to memory lane as I give you 6 reasons on why you should watch (or re-watch) It Started With A Kiss!

1. The OST!

Who would’ve forget Lara Veronin and Wang Shih Shen’s Say U Love Me? With its catchy tune, it is one of the dramas with soundtracks that I’m still listening even until this day!

Check out this fan made video featuring some of the kilig moments while listening to the OST:

The video was published 13 years ago so the quality is not yet that good.

2. The Storyline.

It Started With A Kiss is a romantic-comedy drama that focuses on the life Yuan Xiang Qin who fell in love at first sight with Jiang Zhi Shu. Xiang Qin is considered as one of the naive and optimistic high-school student while Zhi Shu is the school’s genius.

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Xiang Qin has decided to confess to Zhi Shu but was left humiliated. People in their school thought of her as tactless and dumb due to her poor academic performance.

The drama takes a huge turn when Xiang Qin and her father moves to a new house — that was destructed after a minor earthquake. The father-daughter duo was unexpected left homeless and thanks to Father Yuan’s old college friend who welcomed them temporarily.

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Xiang Qin was surprised to find out that her dad’s longtime friend turns out to be Zhi Shu’s father! With the help of Zhi Shu’s mother (who’s been longing for a daughter), Xiang Qin was welcomed eventually in the house.

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On the succeeding episodes, it’ll show us the different twists and turns of the life between Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu. The two will meet get to know each other better and both will start to discover their growing feelings!

3. Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng!

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Both Ariel Lin and Joe Chen looked like they were made to fit the roles of Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu.

With Ariel Lin’s young features and superb acting, we couldn’t deny the fact that her portrayal of Yuan Xiang Qin is amazing! And I highly admit that Joe Cheng has already stole my heart on the first episode! With his good looks, Joe Cheng fits Zhi Shu together with his acting as a cold guy.

After watching this drama, I really hoped that the two had the chance to end up together. The two still continue to develop a strong friendship! Ariel Lin on the other hand is already married.

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4. The Lessons

Even though the drama is romance centered, it also covered the importance of family values and education. The drama emphasized on how Xiang Qin is not performing well in her studies. Even though Zhi Shu is irritated with her at first, he still tried his best to help Xiang Qin do well.

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Both Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin’s parents were warm with their respective children. They actually didn’t too much pressure on them when it comes to their studies. Especially Xiang Qin’s dad, who loves and accepts her daughter fully despite her shortcomings. The parents played a huge role to become a good influence on their children in this drama.

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5. They have a sequel!

Sometimes, when we are watching a drama that got us hooked, we sometimes wish it wouldn’t end. Thankfully with ISWAK, they went on to produce a sequel! Titled as They Kissed Again, the second sequel focuses on Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu’s married life.

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6. It has been adapted in different versions!

Originally, ISWAK was based from a 1990 Manga, Itazura na Kiss that was also adapted into a Japanese Drama with the same title. The Japanese drama was aired in 1996. It was adapted in the Taiwanese’s television in 2006 and It Started With A Kiss was born!

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After the positive reviews of It Started With A Kiss, the drama was adapted in 2010 with the Korean version of Playful Kiss. Japan once again remade the series in 2013 to Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo.

The love from It Started With A Kiss and Itazura na Kiss didn’t end in 2013! Last 2015, it has been adapted to a Thai version of Kiss Me. It was once again remade to the 2016 version, Miss in Kiss in Taiwan.

The latest adaptation of this drama is the 2019 film. The film is titled as Fall In Love at First Kiss. The film stars Darren Wang and Jelly Lin.

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Since the drama has been adapted and remade to numerous versions, I hope you’re convinced that you should include it in your watch list! Or if you are looking for classic asian dramas to rewatch, I hope this one made it to your list!

Happy viewing!

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