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6 Reasons Why You Should Watch Kingdom

If you haven’t watched Kingdom Season 1 and Season 2.

Here are some of the reasons why people loved it so much:

1. This is not your ordinary Zombie movie

It is not the usual historical K-drama. If you like Game of Thrones with a mix of Train to Busan, this one is for you. It has the right mix of power-hungry people with a little mix of zombies that you saw in Train to Busan. It will make you scream in surprise but will not stop you from watching. Kingdom will definitely be a title you won’t ever forget.

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2. Ju Ji Hoon

He is definitely back. The Prince who is claiming his right for the throne and no zombie can stop him now. His fight is never easy but you will see that defeat is never in his vocabulary. Meet Prince Lee Chang, the prince who is not inside the castle and fights with his people no matter what obstacle they face.

3. Ryu Seung Ryong

He is our most loved father who will give anything for his daughter and even try to get that “Sailormoon Bag” for her. His outstanding acting goes a long way and it did not stop in Miracle in Cell No. 7. His acting will blow you away even your temper. Lol! If you love him in Miracle in Cell No. 7, you would definitely hate him in Kingdom. Not because he is a bad actor but because he was so good that you can take out your deepest hatred for his role as Cho Hak Joo.

4. It is not a love story

There is a cute little side love story with a Nurse and Magistrate but aside from that, it is more on the serious side for me. But there is one thing I would guarantee, this is a story that you will surely love. A story that you will be willing to wait for. Because it is worth the wait.

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5. The Setting

One of the reasons why I love the story is because of its unique setting. Who would have thought that zombies would exist during the Joseon Era? Who would’ve thought that there will be a possibility of flesh-eating humans to exist during that time? This makes the story so different from the usual zombie stories that we see. Aside from the fact that there is no advance medical hospital to check the virus, warfare is not that advance either that makes it even harder for the people to defend themselves. That alone is what makes the drama fascinating.

6. The Cast

This is not your ordinary drama which means that the cast is not ordinary as well. It started with few actors and actresses we know and even a few that I encountered the first time but definitely left a mark. Aside from the main leads, here are some of the cast who are worth mentioning.

  • The Queen – I have never hated anyone so much until I met her. Her acting was effortless but will undoubtedly get into your nerves. She is someone you wouldn’t mess up with.
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  • An Hyun – His role was introduced by the end of Season 1 but his role became memorable by Season 2. He is someone I considered what a leader should be. He is not perfect but did make up for all his mistakes.

  • Beom Pal – He started as a minor character but slowly his character grows as the series goes on. I also find his way of having a crush on Seobi cute because he wanted to protect her but doesn’t know how to.

  • Muyeong’s Wife – I am really curious about how her character will grow along with the series. For now, only glimpses of her will be seen but I know that she will play a major role as we go deeper with the story.

  • New Characters – As the season ends and a new one begins, new characters are introduced and their roles are yet to be discovered.

If you haven’t watched Kingdom yet, now is the time to join us and watch it. You would not regret it.

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