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AO Exclusives: Lee Min Ho on working with Kim Go Eun: “I knew that I always wanted to work with her.”

After three years of waiting, Lee Min Ho is back to takeover our screens!

Lee Min Ho is the main lead of the upcoming series, The King: Eternal Monarch along with Kim Go Eun. The series is centered on two parallel worlds wherein two people from different worlds unexpectedly meets and join forces to overcome the evil.

Lee Min Ho takes the lead role of Lee Gon, the third King of the Kingdom of Corea. He is often referred to as the perfect King.

Kim Go Eun will play the role of Jeong Tae Eul a high-skilled detective in the Republic of Korea.

On Working with Kim Go Eun

Annyeong Oppa Team was lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive online presscon courtesy of Netflix!

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

We asked Lee Min Ho on how he feels working with Kim Go Eun, he was ecstatic to share the following:

I knew that I always wanted to have the chance to work with her on screen because I saw her play out many different characters in various works in the past so I was very happy to work with her and onset she really has a variety of charms. Sometimes she will be like an older sister to me but sometimes she can be my younger sister.

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He also added:

“I personally admire the fact that her attitude and mindset she brings to her job, and also in the face of danger she really brings that mindset and mentality and really gets in between or intervenes on the scene. And I think that takes a lot of courage. So that’s what I would say I admire most about her character.”

Lee Min Ho also shared that he received various scripts right after his military enlistment. He also admitted that he contemplated on choosing what script to work on and decided with The King: Eternal Monarch.

The role of the King was one of the reason why he accepted this drama; Lee Min Ho also stated: “I think I was first of all drawn to that and also the character that I was to play had such great power within him.

The King: Eternal Monarch is now available on Netflix! You can stream it here.

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What are your thoughts on the first episodes?

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  1. I want to see Min ho oppa and Suzy unnie together in a drama.. Is it too much to want 😭😭 actually I like gu eun too she’s a perfect actress 😍

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