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9 songs to celebrate #9YearsWithBlockB

I’m a huge BTS fan and they’re my ultimate KPop group. Surprisingly, they are also the ones who led me to Block B, another one of the few groups I follow. It was with the video for 2015 MAMA Boys in Battle: BTS vs. Block B, see it here.

If you are a fangirl, isn’t it the best feeling when one of your favorite groups are still together despite varying activities and still continues to celebrate their debut anniversary? Last April 13 was Block B’s ninth year anniversary and BBC (Block B Club)/Bees are happy and sad at the same time.

With two members currently serving in the military and most of them pursuing solo singing and acting/hosting careers, Bees may have celebrated a bittersweet anniversary with Block B this year but at least their songs are here to stay and comfort us. Here are nine songs to celebrate #9YearsWithBlockB:


As their most played song to date on Spotify, Toy captures listeners with its boppy yet sincere melody. The song talks about how one overlooks the negligence they take from their lovers, as long as they can be useful to them and brings them happiness, just like a toy.

Now you know, all you need is me, I’m your toy

I’m your toy

With toned down colors and somber atmosphere that is uncommon in Block B MVs, check out Toy here:

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Is it safe to say that when BBC hears this song, they would shamelessly assume that it’s meant for them? (I know I would! ;)) The song is a for women who sees their flaws but the boys praise them for it and this is also a shade to men who they refer to as “wolves who only look on the outside” in the lyrics.  (Don’t forget the shocking yet rocking hot pink hair color of PO! What a treat!)

HER is a song that shows off the band’s goofy side as seen in the MV. You can check it out here:

Shall We Dance

Signature bop, check! Strong vocals, check! Witty lines, check! All aspects that make a Block B song a Block B song is present in this one. The only word you need to say as an answer to this song is a whooping “YES!”


If you are a frequent goer to karaoke or you own your own set at home, you may have seen a clip of this MV playing on the background though it’s a bummer you can’t sing along to the song since it’s not on the roster. The signature vibrant colors are present in the MV as well as the cute antics of the boys kicked off by Park Kyung. This is definitely one of my favorites and it never fails to make me bop my head to the beat even if the lyrics talks about ignoring the wrongdoings and negligence of your lover. (Seriously, who hurt you boys?)

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Check out the MV here:

Nillili Mambo

In this Gangster themed setup that starts with Zico growling “BBC, follow me!” a fiasco ensues with everyone sporting their baddest looks while running away from authority. Let’s not forget PO’s blonde man bun that made me swoon so hard!


With the rough vocals and smooth dance moves paired with the over the top props and visuals, Block B definitely proves their hiphop roots in this song. Are you team Black Dragon or Red Tiger? Check out Nalina MV here and chose your team:


On the seventh spot is JACKPOT! This gets you hyped up as Zico starts it with

The 7th album, 7members

7seasons representer

Poptime, check it out!

7th song from the 7th album sung by 7 members under 7 Seasons. (See what they did there?) Lucky number 7! JACKPOT!

Don’t Leave

Have you ever had a favorite song of a hip hop band that is a ballad? One that just wrenches your heart for a reason? Don’t Leave is that Block B song for me. They may be heavily influenced by hip hop but with the presence of great vocal talents in the group, songs like Don’t Leave shows off their versatility.

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Check out the mellowed out energy of the boys as they croon to the objects of their affection on Don’t Leave:

Freeze/ Don’t Move

Last but not the least would be Freeze/ Don’t Move, the group’s debut song! Despite the controversy in the release of the song and its debut on music shows, this song paved the way for the world to know Block B.

And here’s bonus, a favorite solo from my bias, Taeil:

It Was Love

Indeed it was love, the first time I laid eyes on all of you and how your music touched my heart and made my body move to the beat despite having two left feet. 

It may take years to see them complete again but just like how bees are eternally attracted to honey, BBCs will forever love and support Block B! Happy #9YearsWithBLOCKB!

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