Class of Lies: A Thrilling Rollercoaster Ride For The Truth

This drama is not as simple as it seems. Just when you thought you knew everything, the next episode will always make you think twice.

The Story

A murder case from Cheonmyeong High School was given to lawyer Gi Mu Hyuk. His client Kim Han Su denies killing the victim Jung Su Ah. As lawyer Gi Mu Hyuk pushes for the innocence of his client by revealing the secret life of the victim, his client became hysterical along with the admission of the crime. As he tries to dig deeper mysterious things started happening around him. His client jumped off the roof of a hospital. His lawfirm fired him and he lost his license. But it didn’t stop him. In his quest for answers, he will do everything he can to reveal the truth. Even if it means he would need to infiltrate the sacred school called Cheonmyeong High School as a teacher just to get the answers that he is looking for.

The Cast

Even though I am not familiar with most of the cast I was surprised at how good they did each of their roles. Here are some of the characters that will surely leave a mark.

The Alliance

  • The Temp
  • Lawyer Gi Mu Hyuk went undercover as a temporary teacher Gi Kang Jae (Yoon Kyung Sang) of Cheonmyeong High School. Will he be able to find the real killer and get his life back? Or will the killer find out about his real identity and lose his chance of redeeming himself?
  • The Bulldog
  • She is not just a pretty face. Cha Hyeon-jeong (Choi Yu-hwa), is a tough prosecutor who never let goes of any case until the truth is revealed.
  • The Teacher
  • When everyone pointed their fingers on Kim Han-su, she was the only one who believed that he was not guilty. Ha So-hyeon (Keum Sae Rok) is a dedicated teacher who believes in her students. But as she gets deeper in finding the truth, the picture she have of her students starts to crumble. Will she be able to help them before it’s too late?
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The Veritas

  • The Congressman’s Son
  • Yu Beom Jin (Lee Jun Young or better known as Jun of Ukiss/UNB). One of the elite members of the Veritas club. Son of Congressman Yu Yang Ki. The calm, perfect, but humble and reasonable student. He is the reason I watched this drama. I’ve seen him performed as Idol group member and I wasn’t expecting his outstanding acting skills.
  • The Stalker
  • Lee Gi Hoon (Choi Gyu Jin), son of the owner of Songha Lawfirm, Lee Do Jin. One of the elite member of Veritas. The hot headed boy who only have eyes for Jung Su Ah. He always get what he wants regardless of the method used to get it.
  • The Idol Trainee
  • To debut is her one and only goal. Na Ye-ri (Kim Myung-ji) is an idol trainee who wants nothing else but to be a star. And nothing can stop her from achieving it. Not even her friends. She may look innocent but she can crush you with her fingers.
  • The Perfect Student
  • The Queen Bee of Cheonmyeong High. She has the looks, the brain, the talent, and a powerful and handsome boyfriend. What else could Han Tae-ra (Han So-eun) ask for?
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The Butler

He is a familiar face for everyone. If he does not seem to have guts in Kingdom, he would definitely show you what guts means in this drama. Lee Tae Seok (Jeon Seok-ho), the boss of Cheonmyeong High School who was untouchable because of the invisible strings that he holds.

Not A Love Story

Although you will find not only a love triangle but a love square. This is not a love story with a happy ending. The love is there, you will not only see it but you can feel it for sure. A blind love, a forbidden love, an obssessed love, a selfish love, a one sided love affair and the love that got away. Love is supposed to be beautiful but at the same time it can be a curse.

Mind Boggling

The story may have a simple plot but each episode can make your mind restless with the way ideas pop in your head with each revelation. You will start with your own investigation and that is what makes this drama exciting. It’s like a treasure haunt with a puzzle solving map. The thrill of finding the answer to get your treasure will give you excitement beyond your expectations.

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If you love Sky Castle and mystery genre this one is for you. It will surely make you keep you guessing going back and forth as you try to find the truth yourself. If you love mystery and detective stories this one is for you. You will definitely enjoy the puzzles created in this drama.

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