‘Sky Castle’ is officially the highest rated kdrama in cable TV

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‘Sky Castle’ is officially the highest rated kdrama in Cable Television surpassing ‘Reply 1988’ and ‘Goblin’.

The drama is airing on JTBC. It has 20 episodes and the genre is a mix of suspense, black comedy, and drama.

The series is getting a great deal of viewership due to its mind-blowing plot and relatable story. The drama follows the lives of the rich housewives living in the luxurious subdivision named ‘SKY Castle’.

SKY stands for the three prestigious academies in Korea namely Seoul University, Korea University, and Yonsei University.

Many netizens are giving their attention to the series as the focus circles on the complicated education system in Korea. It also shows each family trying to succeed in their own ways.

The intriguing cliffhanger also adds up to the thrill. The actors are mostly rookies but their exceptional portrayal of their roles stand out on each episode. Theories even emerged after the controversial episode aired.

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Many korean celebrities are also hooked to the kdrama! It’s currently ongoing so habol na bes!

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  1. It only means kdrama viewers now wanted a new genre of kdrama.. They are now preferred more to the story and not to the popularity of the leadstars anymore.

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