K-Movie Reco: ‘Be With You’ starring Son Ye Jin and So Ji Sub

Before starring as a South Korean socialite in Crash Landing On You, Son Ye Jin was a mom first! She starred alongside with So Ji Sub in a 2018 family/fantasy movie, Be With You. The film is the Korean adaptation based from the 2004 Japanese film of the same name.

Son Ye-jin (left) and So Ji-sub in a still from Be with You (category IIA, Korean), directed by Lee Jang-hoon.

The Plot

The film tells the story of Woo Jin (So Ji Sub) a single father of Ji Ho (Kim Jae Hwan) who still mourns over the death of his wife, Soo Ah (Son Ye Jin). Soo Ah loves to write storybooks and even made a fairy tale for her son. The story is about a mother penguin coming back to her baby penguin during the rainy season.

Ji Ho believed in the fairy tale that his mother, like the mother penguin, will come back during the first day of rainy season. Indeed, it happened. The father-son duo was surprised to see Soo Ah, completely unconscious, but when she wakes up, she suffers amnesia and is not familiar with the two people around her.

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The moment Soo Ah wakes up, Woo Jin tried his best to help Soo Ah remember everything about them. He started the story back in their High School days.

Young Woo Jin was a student-athlete who develops a crush to Young Soo Ah. Their relationship turned sour when Woo Jin unexpectedly hits Soo Ah during their dance practice.

Be with You (지금 만나러 갑니다, Lee Jang-hoon, 2018) – Windows on ...

The two was able to meet after few years with the help of Woo Jin’s friend, Hong Goo. After some time, Woo Jin unexpectedly encountered an illness that led him to break-up with Soo Ah.

One day, Woo Jin decided that he wanted to be with Soo Ah and decided to pursue her again. He visited her University to ask for another chance but he saw Soo Ah being picked up by a guy assuming that he is the new boyfriend. Heartbroken, Woo Jin decided to leave and decided to give up Soo Ah.

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The film ends with Soo Ah realizing that she needs to leave once again. She makes the most out of her remaining time being a loving mother to Ji Ho and wife to Woo Jin.

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My Thoughts

The Story

I never thought that I will be very much affected in this film. Despite the limited setting, I love how the film was able to deliver such an emotional and amazing story.

I love how the film emphasizes on appreciating our loved ones while they are still alive and to never forget them once they are gone. It also teaches us on how we shouldn’t constrain ourselves if we encounter a problem.

The Actors

All the actors did a pretty amazing job portraying their characters! I was amazed on how both Son Ye Jin and So Ji Sub pulled off a parental character. I even shipped them while watching the film!

Kim Jae Hwan, also pulled off the role of a son who’s still naive waiting for his mother to come back. The film also featured unexpected appearance from Gong Hye Jin and Park Seo Joon!


Be With You is a film perfect for anyone who’s looking for an amazing yet tear-jerker film. The film will surely touch not only your hearts but will also let you appreciate everything that you have and will also help you to keep moving forward.

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You can watch the trailer here:

You can stream it on Netflix here.

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