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WATCH: Ju Ji Hoon likes to act in ‘Princess Hours’ again among his filmography

Ju Ji Hoon will always be the iconic Crown Prince Lee Shin in Princess Hours or Goong!

Cosmopolitan Korea shared an interview video on December 5 with South Korean actor Ju Ji Hoon and actively answered various questions.

Ju Ji Hoon was asked if what would be the same role from his filmography he wanted to act again and he immediately answered Goong or Princess Hours.

Princess Hours is his debut and main lead drama, in which he plays the character of a crown prince named Lee Shin.

“It was when I was immature and my acting skills weren’t good enough. I have gotten more mature than I was back then. So I wonder how it would go if I play the role again,” he reasoned out.

He also asked if he heard about the Princess Hours remake, he responded, “Yeah, I have. But I can’t actually act the role because I am too old for that now.”

It will probably be nice to see Ju Ji Hoon and the other casts of the 2006 drama Princess Hours in the remake or maybe a cameo?

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Watch the full interview video below:

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