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Why “Remember: War of the Son” is a must-watch K-drama

Are you up to suspense drama that tackles about life, injustices, and fame?

Well, Remember: War of the Son starring Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young is a highly-recommended Korean drama to begin!

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It has 20 worth-to-watch episodes that revolve around a 22-year old lawyer who has hyperthymesia, a rare condition that can vividly remember or recall personal experiences and events of his life.

He uses this incredible condition to fight and prove his father’s innocence who suffers from Alzheimer’s and is wrongly accused of murder.

Throughout his court trials, he faces big-butt individuals who are also present in real life. These people use illegal means, power, and fame to easily escape the law and directly oppress other people.

10/10: What I love about this drama

I am quite passionate and interested when it comes to law. The reality between the people who have power and those who don’t, make me so invested in this drama.

Clearly, it shows different aspects of life — that they are some people who think they are above the law and the incompetent individuals who are obsessed with money and fame, failed to do their duties and responsibilities in the society.

You will get frustrated because it is very relatable. And that makes the drama even more interesting.

Moreover, Remember: War of the Son is an eye-opener that gives awareness to the problems and issues that some of us have experienced.

Lessons from the characters

Yoo Seung Ho as Seo Jin Woo

Fair judgment. Attorney Seo only wanted to prove his father’s innocence and to convict the real culprit but it takes time because the culprit uses power to circumvent the law.

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He wanted revenge in a way that will expose the culprit’s true color and to rightfully use the law. Even though his enemy is quite powerful and having a lot of hands, it did not stop him from seeking a fair judgment.

Hence, all of us should seek a fair judgment only for our betterment as a citizen. And the truth should prevail in court and gives justice to those who really need it.

Let’s stop making excuses to oppress the poor. We need a better and fair justice system without hidden money and power involved.

Park Min Young as Lee In Ah

Having a firm stand. Prosecutor Lee symbolizes those individuals who have a firm stand in their decisions. Those individuals who are passionate about their goals and willing to help other people without anything in return.

As a prosecutor, she is dedicated to her job and carefully examines the cases. In reality, we should also do our best in everything because whatever profession we are in, we are all responsible for the outcome.

Just like the responsibility of doctors and lawyers in handling people’s lives, the accountants in the money they’ve received, to the journalists in the articles they’ve written, and to all other professions in the world.

Park Sung Woong as Park Dong Ho

Second chance. He was once a person who keeps his word. But things changed, and he chose the wrong path.

However, we all commit mistakes but we should make sure that at the end of the day, we will fix and make that mistake into the right one.

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Even if you abandon a commitment or break a promise you are dearly holding in, you can still fulfill that and ask for a second chance. We all deserve to have a second chance. A chance where we can truly prove to them that we are worthy. Let’s not put that chance into waste.

Nam Goong Min as Nam Gyu Man

Responsibility. Gyu Man is a great example of those who can do anything with money even if it means dealing with life. He has an anger management issue and can easily harm other people once he is triggered.

Moreover, he easily gives commands to people and threatens those who try to block his way. He even calls himself the law because money will always speak for him.

In the end, he was convicted of all of the crimes he committed and paid the price in prison.

Don’t be like Gyu Man. If you have money and power, use them in a rightful manner. There’s nothing good in doing evil acts that could harm other people, it will only make you a great sinner.

Does harming and using other people make you happy? Maybe in just a short moment of time. But remember, the truth shall prevail and will haunt you. There’s no secret that will not be revealed.

Lee Si Eon as Ahn Soo Beom

Friendship. Secretary Ahn has been Gyu Nam’s dog for a while. He cleans Gyu Nam’s mess but he only receives mockery and physical pain.

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All this time, he recognizes Gyu Nam as his friend. They are classmates in their high school years, but the latter did not think the same.

I salute him for giving importance to their friendship. We should be thankful for our true friends who always have our back and never betrays us. They are rare gems that we should not take for granted. Protect your friends at all costs.

Uhm Hyo Sub as Hong Moo Seok

Betrayal. Aside from Gyu Nam and his father, Prosecutor Hong is who I hated the most. He is an evil person who doesn’t have morals and respect for his job. For him, money is the only thing that matters.

Moo Seok will betray anyone who becomes a hindrance to his plans. He uses his power as a prosecutor to manipulate the cases he handles. Obviously, it’s an abuse of power.

Definitely, he is an example of someone who wants everything just to satisfy his needs. But no matter what happens, doing evil acts will never be categorized as good.

Other characters

All the characters in this drama played a great role and certainly give us lessons. You better watch it to fully understand.


I really love this drama — the flow of the story gives us conviction and analogy to the common problems we face.

The protagonist’s life may be sad but I understand because it also depicts a real case scenario.

Watch it now and share your feels, mga bes!

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