The new web drama Twenty-Twenty, that follows A-TEEN has confirmed its perfect lineup of young actors and actresses, including Kim Wooseok and Han Sungmin.

Twenty-Twenty is a high-teen drama wherein 20-year-olds Chae Da Hee and Lee Hyun Jin. They lived following their mom’s plan for their life, meet and proceed to become independent adults.

It tells of the story of the difficult first steps of 20-year-olds making their own new decisions in life.

Han Sung Min plays the role of Chae Da hee, a cold, chic lady who has always stayed at a certain distance from people. After, turning 20, she started to break away from the life her mother set for her.

Lee Hyunjin, who will be played by Kim Wooseok will make a difference in Chae Dahee’s life. Lee Hyunjin, grew up feeling lonely because his parents’ work always comes first. He writes songs for the crew and uses music to comfort himself.

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Bae Hae Sun will play Chae Yoon Jun, the mother of Chae Dahee who controls her life, which creates tension in the drama.

Actors Park Sang Nam (Jung Ha Joon) and Chae Won Bin (Baek Ye Eun) will also join the cast as friends of Chae Dahee.

It’s also expected that Chan of A.C.E (Son Bo Hyeon), a rapper wannabe in the drama and the producer Jin Ho Eun (Kang Dae Geun), in Hyunjin’s crew, will add fun to the drama.

The filming is expected to start this April and it will air this coming July.

Can’t wait to watch this drama bes! While waiting for this, why not watch A-TEEN.

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