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10 things to know about Yoo Seung Ho

South Korean actor Yoo Seung Ho has made a lot of drama appearances. And with his great acting skills, he perfectly played the roles.

Other than that, he also has an undeniable charm that captivated the audience’s attention. Seung Ho with his talent and visuals is a great combo to fan over with!

Here’s 10 things to know more about Yoo Seung Ho:

1. Leo

Yoo Seung Ho was born on August 17, 1993. This adds him to the family of the astrological sign, Leo.

2. Debut at the age of 6

He made his entertainment debut in 1999 at the age of 6. And was featured in a cell phone advertisement after his mother sent his photo to an advertising agency. Yoo Seung Ho is now under Story J Company.

3. Child star

Yoo Seung Ho made his film debut when he was 9 years old in the film titled The Way Home, back in the year 2002.

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He earned the title, Nation’s Little Brother due to the success of the said film.

Since then, he appeared in many movies and television series that started his career in the Korean showbiz industry.

Photo Credits: Google

4. Little So Ji Sub

He was recognized as the Little So Ji Sub because he resembles the said actor.

Photo Credits: kdramazone

5. Support for Sichuan earthquake

In 2008, he gave support to the victim of the Sichuan earthquake by participating in the I Love Asia Project together with other celebrities such as Jackie Chan, Wonder Girls, Park Jin Young, and many more.

6. Military Service

He started his mandatory military service in March 2013 and was discharged on December 4, 2014.

Photo Credits: Osen

7. Collaboration with other artists

In 2010, he and IU sang I Believe In Love together, for a popular Korean charity show, Love Request. They also once had a photoshoot together back in 2012.

In the same year, he was featured in Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and The One’s music video for the song titled ‘Like The Stars’. While in 2009, he also appeared in T-ara’s music video titled ‘Lies’.

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Moreover, Yoo Seung Ho together with Park Shin Hye appeared in So Ji Sub’s music video of the song ‘Eraser’.

8. Cat Lover

Yoo Seung Ho has an indisputable love for cats. He recently adopted two cats from a YouTuber. And he usually posts photos of them on his Instagram account @dandyoo93

Photo Credits: dandyoo93

9. Charm

He looks like a soft boy with a daring personality. The way his eyes disappear when he smiles is so adorable.

Photo Credits: dandyoo93

10. Versatile actor

Seung Ho already has a lot of dramas and films with different genres and he amazingly portrayed it all. He became an emperor, person who is allergic to humans, a lawyer, and even a detective who has supernatural power.

Photo Credits: dandyoo93

With all these facts about Yoo Seung Ho, some of his known dramas are Memorist, Imaginary Cat, Remember: War of the Son, The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, I’m Not A Robot, and many more.

Let us stan, Yoo Seung Ho!

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