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Forgotten: A movie that should not be forgotten

It’s no secret to fans that Kang Ha Neul is a very effective and inspiring actor. From series that showcase his good-boy looks to movies that show a different, riveting side to highlight his great acting skills. Forgotten is one movie from his repertoire that shows off his versatility. And, if you’re looking for a slight scare with scenes that makes you tense, you can check out this movie.

In the movie, there are three things that relate to the term “Forgotten”.

The Forgotten Crimes

The story revolves around Jin Seok (played by Kang Ha Neul) and his “family”. It starts with Jin Seok having a vivid dream and waking up inside a car. He is with his mother, father, and beloved hyung Yoo Seok (Kim Moo Yul) on the way to their new house. As the story progresses it will be revealed that his family is really not his family. And also that the 21-year-old incoming college student Jin Seok is the 41-year-old Jin Seok who is a murderer.

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Who would’ve thought that this will turn out into a thriller when it was giving off horror movie vibes as Jin Seok is drawn more and more to the door where the murder happened. He was put under hypnosis by a group of people who are dead set on solving the crime from 20 years ago.

Why was hypnosis used? The murder was a traumatic experience for Jin Seok. That’s why his brain, as a coping mechanism, erases this memory in order to forget the crime that he committed.

The Forgotten Morals and Humanity

All along, when I knew that people were murdered, I was wishing that it was not Jin Seok who killed them and he was just wrongly accused. As more details about Jin Seok and Yoo Seok are revealed, you will be astounded as to why Jin Seok killed those people and how it connects him to Yoo Seok.

Sad to say but Jin Seok threw his morals and humanity out the window to save someone he loves. The same goes for Yoo Seok and his team of detectives and accomplices. Because they torture and harass Jin Seok to get the truth out from him.

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The Forgotten Victims

As the story progresses, more details about the crime and the connection of the characters are revealed. You would probably agree with me that aside from the murdered members of the family – Jin Seok and Yoo Seok are also victims in this. They were victims of the situation, system, and actions of other people that will greatly affect their lives.

Seriously, it is a heavy film and my heart goes out to the characters. Be sure to prepare yourselves before you watch this.

Forgotten is a mystery thriller that’s sure to keep you on your toes as details of the movie are revealed. This is worth watching as you navigate into a plot you thought would go a certain way but will surely leave you despairing for the characters in the end.

You can watch the movie on Netflix or you can view the trailer here.

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