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Here’s everything to know about Sarawat and Tine of ‘2Gether: The Series’

The series also touched the hearts of many Filipino fans for it showcased a comedic style, yet with a romantic twist that suites the tastes of Pinoys in seryes.

BL (Boys’ Love) Series have been there over the past years. In addition, many TV network stations from many countries have been commercially producing this media genre tackling male-to-male romances made for a presumed women audience.

2gether: The Series has been talked about and mentioned by Filipino fans online as a series to look into this 2020.

Not more than a month before its release, each episode has always been on the top trending list on Twitter.

The show exhibits a classic, typical school setting storyline yet others have to agree that the producers and the director, Wirachit Thongjila, gives new standards in creating such series.

Moreover, 2gether: The Series is based on a novel by JittiRain, a famous BL writer in Thailand who also had works made into series such as the ‘Theory of Love’.

It is aired in GMMTv, a top production company for series such as these in Thailand.

The story line

The story starts when Tine (Win Metawin) has a gay admirer, Green, that he wants to get free from. With nothing left choices, his friends suggested to date the hottest, most charming guy in their university, Sarawat (Bright Vachirawit).

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Sarawat is known for being silent yet obnoxious guy. He is known for his mouth dropping looks and his skills in guitar. To get Green out of Tine’s sight, he asks Sarawat an unconventional request of being his fake boyfriend.

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The character of Bright being rude, he declines at first but eventually agrees. As their fake relationship continues, love begins to bloom. Sarawat and Tine get mixed feelings with each other. As the story continues, people begin to enter, as well as common ups and downs of the story are revealed.

2Gether เพราะเราคู่กัน the series – Episode 3 [Review] – Psycho Milk

Ping, the head admin of BrightWin Philippines Official, shared their thoughts regarding the show.

The series is a perfect 10 for me. It always makes my heart flutter and giggle. They used a natural attack on every scene that it almost looks like they were not acting at all. The director put drama and deep context in every line.

twitter: @brightwinphil
instagram: @bbrightwin_ph

Actors behind Sarawat and Tine

The series showcases two great actors who played their first lead roles. One of which is Bright Vachirawit, an actor, singer, host, and model. He is best known for his role as a Young Peng in the television series My Ambulance in 2019.

Bright ✨ | ~BL•Drama~ Amino
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Bright is known for his amazing looks and his charming lips emphasized by his arched cupid’s bow. In addition, he is of Thai-American descent and speaks Thai and English fluently.

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Apparently, Bright knows how to play several instruments, including the guitar and drums. He started his acting career at the age of 15.

Popular Thai Actor Bright (Vachirawit Chivaaree) expresses his ...
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Another is Win Metawin, who is a new face in this industry. He just started his acting and modeling career recently and had 2gether: The Series as his first project.

Win Metawin O. on Instagram: “ไม่มีรูปลงเลยอะะ” in 2020 | Thai ...
IMAGE: winmetawin on Instagram

Moreover, in his Twitter interaction with fans, he revealed that his favorite soccer player is Futbol Club Barcelona’s forward, Lionel Messi. (Kim Bok Joo is that you? LOL!) He uses his free time for working out at the gym.

Ethan, the head admin of Team Sarawat and Tine Facebook Group which had the most trending posts and leading social media group dedicated to the series, shared their message to fans looking up for Bright and Win.

Our messages to all the fans of Bright x Win, let us not degrade other fans, instead embrace them and treat them as one of our families. Let us continue to love both our SARALEO and NUISANCE.

‘2gether’ craze in PH

With the first 6 episodes (as of this writing), it has reached 50 million views which is a breakthrough for all BL Series since it has received recognition and love from the viewers.

2Gether': Here's everything to know about the Thai boy love show

2gether: The Series has reached this milestone since it caters to international audiences by providing subtitles in different foreign languages besides Thai.

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The series also touched the hearts of many Filipino fans for it showcased a comedic style, yet with a romantic twist that suites the tastes of Pinoys in seryes.

2Gether เพราะเราคู่กัน the series – Episode 4 [Review] – Psycho Milk

PH Fansclub and Media Hubs

To continuously support the show and the actors as well, PH fans created local fans club and media hubs.

‘2gether The Series PH’ on Facebook described Bright and Win as great actors and great influencers for their fans.

Bright, as far as we know, is a very sweet and thoughtful boy to his family, friends, and fans. We have been closely following him since 2018 and we’ve witnessed his life in show business through his appearances in Television and him being active in his social media. As an actor, he’s definitely the best cos he can portray and deliver his character’s emotions well. He’s very versatile, too. He’s amenable to any roles given to him—be it being extra or being the main lead. He can easily adapt to whatever roles he may play.


Win, on the other hand, is just new to the showbiz industry. We were able to have a glimpse on him when he was introduced by GMMTV back in August 2019 as one of the main leads in ‘2GETHER The Series’. And 2GETHER is actually his first appearance in a Television. We don’t know much about him yet. But based on our observation the way he interacted with his fans, he’s just the same on-and-off the cam. He has that bubbly personality, and a charming smile always ready to greet you.

Undeniable support

‘Bright Vachirawit Philippines’ and ‘Win Metawin Philippines’ also described why they easily fell in love with the series and the characters themselves.

There is an overwhelming popularity of Thai BL series and watching these shows is an investment of time for the audience. It’s different for every fans on how they got hooked in a drama, and since most of this shows were the live adaptations from comic-books or novel we already have an idea how the story would go. It basically depends on the execution of the live version and most importantly the chemistry of the main artists. Probably at first the portrayal of Sarawat and Tine got us hooked as they honestly fit the characters but the cliffhanging feels at the end of each episode got it more interesting, if not frustrating. It may seem like a torture but it’s good to have something to look forward to every late Friday night.

The affiliation also narrated their reactions on all the love being received by the main cast nowadays.

They are undeniably are good looking boys. Win’s smile and Bright’s expressive eyes are what initially would make every person’s hearts flutter. But as we get to know them through the stories of some of our Thai friends, we can’t help but appreciate them more. Aside from being active in interacting with their fans online, it was said that they are also very approachable in person, just like any other Thai artists. We love the fact that the Thai BL community is growing and Bright and Win are some of the artists that people are curious about which opens the opportunity for others to discover the Thai BL series. Also, we are glad that they are also being appreciated because of their acting talents and that they are gaining the recognition they deserve.

Are you a fan of 2gether Series? Share your feels in the comments section below!

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  1. BL fandom started for me way way back Love Of Siam and the rest was History (don’t ask me how old I am now. Kidding aside). These actors caught everyone’s hearts and will keep on doing so just like those who preceded them will depend on the creativity and the approach of each station, its writers, the director and the actors and actresses as well. No doubt that these actors underwent workshops to make sure that each series-adaptation from wonderful independent authors gets to materialise into episodes and characters, so it but respect and admiration for their contribution into making our hearts flutter and shed some few tears along the way.

    As a BL fan and to all BL fans joining this growing community, let us keep supporting this fandom and welcome many more leads and stories. I am sure the author and the director has a lot in store for all of us and this fandom is what we can give them back to appreciate their craft.

  2. Mannn! This BL series is one big hit! Maybe it isn’t a usual genre of romantic series but it gives me great big impact. Like I’m not used to feel blushed or giggled in an unusual manner when watching typical romatic films or series, but when it comes to 2gether: The Series, it is very different for me. Not just I can’t keep my composure, but it’s like my whole damn soul reacts with great chills. And kinda makes me scream a lot of “sheet” in every romantic scene 😂. And likewise, it makes me react even weirder that I wished that these two great actors (Bright ❤ Win) will be 2gether and have a happy ending in real-life. Congratulations to the BL family who are part of this amazing series. Continue to inspire us with your work and we will also impart our undying support. Thank you! 👏

  3. Filipino drama series on same-sex themes are always focused on the issue of being gay (anguish,torment,acceptance) where as in Thai series being gay is not a big deal nor an issue. This is what BL series delightful to watch with 50 million plus viewers.

  4. Seriously, what’s bothering me right now is knowing if Wat and Tine will have a happy ending coz if not, I am not prepared to be hurt just yet. I was also a fan of Love of Siam and it touched my life so much that even until now I’m still not over it.

  5. best series. i can’t get over them. i really love the ‘love team of the century’.

  6. You forgot, Bright has those bedroom eyes that can see through you and tell you to come here at the same time. Tine is addicted to Sarawat’s lips it seems. But over all, after watching the series 8-9….times, it always seems so real life rather than television.

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