WATCH: Kang Ha Neul shows act of kindness towards a fan after his musical performance

I’ve heard several stories of how kind Kang Ha Neul is towards his fans but to see it happening right before my eyes is what a sight to cherish!

Kang Ha Neul was recently involved in a road accident alongside co-actors and crew of their ongoing musical production — Shinheung Military Academy last March 26 on their way to the venue.

The performances on that day and on March 27 were cancelled to give them time to rest because some of them got minor injuries during the accident. Ha Neul and co-actor Infinite‘s Sungkyu were confirmed by their agencies to be okay after being examined in the hospital.

When they announced that they would resume the show on March 28, two days after the accident, I decided to come and cheer them up again. I was able to hand Kang Ha Neul a Goldilocks Polvoron with message of encouragement.

I mentioned that his Filipino fans were worried about him and we are praying for his safety. I also asked him if he’s okay already and he said yes.

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It was my fourth time meeting him and I can say that he’s very accommodating and he always makes sure to give a smile to his fans. And here’s what made me love him even more and somehow envied a co-fangirl.

The girl in front of me stumbled when we were walking beside Ha Neul. The actor was quick to notice what happened and helped her to stand up. (How to be that girl? Wahhh!!!) He even asked her several times if she’s okay already. Here’s a video clip:

Isn’t he the sweetest? His beautiful smile reflects his beautiful character. He is expected to be discharged from the military in May 2019 and we’re excited to have him back the industry! In fact, Kang Ha Neul is now considering a new drama with Gong Hyo Jin.

Meanwhile, you can binge-watch some of his previous works and see his versatility as an actor. Here’s a list to start your marathon!

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