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THROWBACK: INFINITE’s must watch videos 8 years ago

South Korean boy band INFINITE is expected to celebrate their 9th anniversary this coming June 9. For how many years that has passed, the members have continually show everyone their hardworking side. Other than that, they have never fail in showing their fans how much they love them. That is why, their fandom continuously grow with loving and genuine fans just like their idols.

To commemorate the achievements, ceaseless projects, and strong bond of Infinite along with Inspirits; why not we recall the group’s must-watch videos eight years ago?

Ready your tissue, mga bes, as this might get too emotional and hard to handle. It will surely be filled with delighting memories, that can make every Inspirit say; “Infinite is certainly legendary.”

1. Infinite behind the scene

Infinite is not just known for being the King of Synchronization but also for being the the ones who know mastery. As shown in the video, the members never give up and still fight as if they never get tired.

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2. The legendary “dasi dorawa”

Come Back Again was the first music video of Infinite posted in Woollim Entertainment’s official YouTube channel.

3. She’s Back; “come back to me”

4. Sungyeol

5. Kim Sung Kyu singing Lucky

6. BTD featuring the scorpion dance

Surely is, time passes by so fast. However, for all the years that Infinite has been showcasing their talent to everyone; it seems like everything just happened yesterday.

Moreover, it cannot be denied that for the eight whole fruitful years for Infinite and Inspirits; they have continually make their own legacy in the K-pop industry.

Above all, may new projects and achievements come to Infinite as they are certainly deserving for it!

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