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Kang Ha Neul, INFINITE’s Sungkyu and others involved in a road accident on their way to the musical

On March 26, it was reported that the bus carrying the cast and crew of the musical Shinheung Military Academy was involved in a road accident on their way to their show in BBCH Hall, Kwanglim Arts Center.

photo credits: newsen & @/hanel_mankum

The cast includes actor Kang Ha Neul and INFINITE’s Sungkyu. Ji Chang Wook, SHINEE’s Onew and JoKwon who are also part of the production were not scheduled for today’s performance.

Shownote, the production behind the musical, announced through their Official Twitter account that tonight’s show is cancelled due to the accident.

뮤지컬<신흥무관학교> 공연취소안내

안녕하세요. 뮤지컬 <신흥무관학교> 제작사 쇼노트입니다.

오늘 오후 신흥무관학교 출연 배우들의 공연장 이동중 차량 접촉사고가 발생하였습니다.
이로인한 배우들의 검진여건보장 및 건강상태 확인을 위하여 부득이하게 금일 공연의 취소를 결정하였습니다.— 쇼노트 (@shownote) March 26, 2019

According to the officials, the accident happened in Sinsa-dong area in Gangnam. It was also reported that the bus’ windows were severely damaged and the actors as well as the crew were taken to the hospital to be treated.

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We hope and pray that the cast and the crew of the musical are okay!

Meanwhile, you can watch Annyeong Oppa’s fancam of Shinheung Military Academy musical cast when we watched it in Seoul:

Personal note: This news really shocked me as I was supposed to see them again tonight :'(

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