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VIRAL: High school students went with their Korean Celebrity ‘Oppa’ to JS Prom

This might look like a fantasy, or a dream, or a fiction story for everyone, but these girls had their dreams come to life!

Every Hallyu fan in this world has this one dream in their fangirling life — to meet their favorite oppa(s) in a day, hug them, or even dance with them in a slow, jazzy music.

This might look like a fantasy or a dream, or a fiction story for everyone, but these girls had their dreams come to life!

It is a trending topic in the ARMY (BTS’ fandom) world and stan accounts where some high school students dressed up so gallantly and charmingly with their ball gowns and had their K-style make-ups for their Junior-Senior Promenade.

There was a little surprise for all of the guests in the event— they brought their dates with them. And not just any dates, but their oppas printed in a life-size tarpaulin!

On March 2, @imyourhof_jhof posted pictures on her Twitter account with some caption:

“No one asked and nobody wanted to be with us, so we decided to make BTS as our prom dates; why need boys when you have @BTS_twt”

@imyourhof_jhof on Twitter

The girls printed out BTS members’ whole body pictures in their formal outfits in a human size tarpaulin and made sure each lady on that night has an oppa to have with.

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With the help of their friends, the tarpaulins were raised up as if they were standing, grabbed their smartphones and took their chance to take pictures!

In an interview with the Twitter account who posted the viral pictures via Twitter Direct Message, we asked her some questions and she gave us her not-so-long answers. She named herself, Yuchie.

“Well, we wanted BTS to be a part of our last Junior High school Promenade. Me and my friends will be moving to different schools after this school year, so there is no guarantee that we will be able to meet in person due to our schedules in the future. In 10 years from now or when me and my friends are older and by chance, surely we’ll meet once again, we’ll have great memories that we can recall from our colorful youth.

BTS is one of the main causes of our happiness, and we know that dancing with them in person might seem impossible, however, what we did felt like we’re actually dancing with them. Although we danced with some of our schoolmates, dancing with BTS felt different. BTS serves as an medium of strength, peace, comfort, love, and happiness to all of us so instead of thinking why should we dance with BTS, we thought ‘Why shouldn’t we?'”

QUESTION: What made you do to print your oppas in a tarpaulin?

At first we were actually nervous and excited at the same time in executing what we planned, because before doing what we did our teachers told us what are the different prohibitions in our prom, and what we did is one of them thats why we decided to bring BTS in the form of tarpaulins because the school or the teachers might not let us dance with BTS during our prom, which is one of our main goals.

As the quote goes, You Only Live Once. When we danced with BTS, we felt nothing but utter euphoria. In fact, our schoolmates said that although what we did was a little bit embarrassing, they said that they admire our courage to do something foreign in our school and show off our love to BTS. They said, we looked really happy and what we did made their night and made them smile and that’s what really matters to them.

Through our actions, somehow, we unconsciously managed to put up a smile in their faces. After what we did, we were consulted by our teacher that what we did was wrong. We admit that it may be somewhat wrong or embarrassing, however we didn’t regret what we did, not one bit. We didn’t mind what other people say or will say.

QUESTION: What was the feeling of doing this?

Ever have the guts of doing this too?

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