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It has been a very drastic year for all of us kdrama fans. There are too many issues bes! But among all those, hindi ko ata kinaya yung nalaman ko na merong health issues si oppa. That’s heartbreaking.

Oo mahilig ako sa kdrama pero wag naman sanang gawing in real lifeu yung mga kdrama issues nila. I am asking for real life love story po, hindi in real life na sakit. Kung sa kdrama nga bes halos 3 months tayo umiyak at hindi makamoveon kapag may sakit or may nangyayaring masama sa favorite characters natin, ano pa kaya bes kung sa totoong buhay na? Sakit bes.

Earlier this year nabalita na may cerebral aneurysm si Jung Il-Woo. He got this daw nung car accident nya with Lee Min Ho in 2006. He received concussion, hemorrhage and short term amnesia that time. Since about 3 years ago, he’s always having migraines na. Then nung nag pare-examine siya they found out about the cerebral aneurysm, it’s dilation of one of the artery in the head/brain, this is a dangerous condition bes once na natrigger. It does not affect Il-woo at this moment but this may cause real problems in the future. Actually his condition is an acceptable reason para ma exempt siya sa military pero his urge to serve his country is stronger kaya tinuloy nya parin, gusto nya sana maging active military duty pero hindi pwede kaya he is now a public service worker, parehas sila ni Lee Min Ho Oppa (BFF goals na ba? Hahaha, ay pero seryoso jusko please be always healthy both of you).  We will wait for your return in military oppas. Always be healthy Jung Il-Woo Oppa! 

Just recently nabalita na may bone tumor si Yoo Ah In. Nung nalaman ko yun nagulat ako kasi may ongoing kdrama siya bes, Chicago Typewriter, and he is currently promoting the kdrama nung lumabas yung news, kaya nagwala ako sa lungkot nung nalaman ko yun. FORTUNATELY bes, the company told the fans na after re-examination, the bone tumor is NOT malignant (meaning hindi malala at hindi cancerous), benign lang siya and hindi siya makaka affect in any way kay Oppa. Just knowing this sobrang saya ko na kasi buti nalang okay siya, makakapag shoot siya ng korean drama without any problem, iba pa naman ang mga higupan moves nitong si Yoo Ah In (Humi-higop king 2.0 hahaha). Always be healthy Yoo Ah In Oppa! 

AND just now, si Kim Woo Bin bes. I think this is the most devastating because it all came as a shock sa lahat. He was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal cancer. It is a rare type of cancer that affect the head/neck/ears. His company told the fans that the cancer is in the early stage, so he is currently receiving treatment (drug and radiation therapies). Shi Min Ah Unni please take care of our Kim Woo Bin! Please have a fast recovery Kim Woo Bin Oppa! 

Kdrama Oppas gives us happiness! But their health is more important. Please always be healthy, actually bes, lahat tayo, let’s all be healthy and fangirl together.

Written by: Annyeong Oppa (Anj)

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