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BTS launches ARMYPEDIA for ARMYs around the world

Hey, Army! Lost this? Pokemon Go is shaaaking!!!

Hey, ARMY! Lost this?

The ARMYs are out for a mission spotting QR Codes around the world. BTS unveils their new global project for their fans called ‘ARMYPEDIA’ described as the “digital archive of all things BTS, made by ARMY!”

In the website, it states that “ARMYPEDIA consists of a total of 2,080 days, from the date marking the debut of BTS on June 13, 2013 to February 21, 2019. You can think of ARMYPEDIA as an archive of all your memories with BTS, each and every day for 2,080 days.”

QR Codes are scattered all around the world for fans to scan. Recently, there are codes spotted by fans on billboards and even on drink carts at New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong. 

IMAGE: @vintae_vangogh on Twitter
IMAGE: @BTS_Trash_x7 on Twitter
IMAGE: @coocky_1 on Twitter

ARMYs can “upload their own memories and postings about BTS for that date unlocked.” “Any activity performed by ARMY on ARMYPEDIA will receive points” and receive official merchs at BigHit Shop!

For more, follow @ARMYPEDIA on Twitter or visit 

Its official release will be on 25th of February. 

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