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Here’s What It’s Like Dating A Hallyu Fangirl: A Boyfriend Confession

Digging in to a life of a guy whose girlfriend is the ultimate Hallyu fan he knew in his entire life. How would he deal with it? Here's a simple feature for ya, a gift for Valentine's day!
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You might be wondering, “What is it like to be a boyfriend of a Hallyu fangirl?”

Hmm…it’s kinda hard, actually. I do really know she loves her bias more than me.

Being her boyfriend, well yeah, kinda tough, but fun.

Her wallet is full of her oppas’ pictures and photocards. One time I asked her where my pictures went, she said she kept it somewhere because her oppas’ pictures do not have enough space. I understand, she spends A LOT for those tiny little pictures. She collects everything and orders everything on the Internet. It may be crazy for me, but she even searches her idol’s product preferences and uses it.

I’m not jealous… Well, not really, even though her wallpaper is Song Joongki from Descendants of the Sun. I really never win whenever I ask her between me and Joongki. It’s always been him (Joongki).

She really likes his KDrama to the point that I started liking it too and watched the episodes again all by myself without her forcing me to watch it. I find it corny when the lead man kisses the girl, but for her, she would scream as loud as she can and punch my arms until it gets numb. I find her cute when she closes her eyes when there is a kissing scene, and peeks a little then immediately closes her eyes again.

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As a guy, I really want to make my girl happy. Making her smile means the world to me, to the point that I always make my self look stupid. I, sometimes, wear cute headbands to look cute, or memorize some aegyos from her oppas like Kim Taehyung, Cha Eunwoo or Park Bo Gum. I do have this secret talent that I can switch from a BTS member to an EXO member, and even a TWICE member. The most ‘serious’ one is that, for her to say ‘yes’ on our date, she made me memorize Sweet Heart by Seenroot or the so-called ‘Oppaya’ aegyo – it was embarrassing.

I became a KPop fan myself just because of her since she always force me to watch their shows when I’m with her. I had a crush at Red Velvet’s Irene and one time she got mad at me when I made Irene my lockscreen picture. Well, she should blame herself for making me like Red Velvet too.

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She doesn’t like going outside like normal couples do and she wants to feel cozy playing Bolbbalgan4 or AKMU. She likes to keep herself updated and shares some news to me as if I know who she is talking about. Little things makes her happy and contented, that’s what I like about her.

And here’s the thing, she always watch her KPop idols doing aegyo, then copies it. When we fight over little things, that’s her mighty weapon to persuade me. Sometimes, I really want to laugh since she’s really trying hard to please me went she wants something by doing aegyos, but one thing’s for sure, she’s hella cute and I just can’t help it but to fall inlove all over again.

I am lucky that she still finds time for me and never forget to make me smile and laugh. She doesn’t need to make it anyway, but I know she’s making her best effort to give back everything I do for her. As long as she’s happy, I am happy. She’s a fangirl and I’ll never get tired of her. I will always support her with her Hallyu dreams — exploring South Korea together, watching concert of her favorite stars, eating her favorite Korean snacks. I’ll never get tired of her screams and shouts, her rants when something happens with her idols, her laughs when watching her favorite shows, her tears while watching her dramas that I’ll never get tired wiping off. I’ll never get tired of her smiles, maybe not because of me, but with her happiness brought by Hallyu.

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I guess some are right, being a Hallyu fangirl’s boyfriend is hard, but definitely it is awesome!

To her oppas, hands off, she’s mine.

Being a boyfriend of a Hallyu fangirl…is hard.

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