3-step Guide for Perfect Korean Eyebrows

Bring out your Korean style with this Korean eyebrows, malay mo, it’s a way to snag out your lovable oppa like your K-actresses do *winks*

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Simple, yet sweet! Korean brows are so in today, due to the massive trend of the Hallyu wave. One way to achieve your dream Korean look is, of course, having the perfect K-brows.

Surely, you’ll not just bring out your Korean style, malay mo, it’s a way to snag out your lovable oppa like your favorite K-actresses do. *winks*

IMAGE: Pibuu

Korean eyebrows are known to be straight and not showing much of curvy edges unlike the western, Instagram-style of brows. It also uses lighter hues as a color for the brows such as light browns and reddish hues.

For Pinays, since almost all of you have deeper and warmer skin tones, you can put just a little of the red, and if you can, make an experiment with your brow pencils if what fits you the most.

Through Korean brows, it makes an illusion to make your face smaller and look cute & charming. K-brows are attained by filling your natural shape of your eyebrows and making it as smooth as possible.

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Take note: It is a big no-no to pluck or shave your brows.

IMAGE: Pibuu

Here are the steps!

Step 1: Create an outline to your eyebrows.

Using a lighter shade of eyebrow pencil to your actual brow hair color, create an outline making it as straight as possible. Ditch your curves for now. You can make an experiment so that you would know what really fits your face.

Step 2: Fill in your outline.

Don’t be scared to fill in your outline, you can make it more thicker if that makes your brows more beautiful.

Ignore you natural shape is possible. Go beyond with your shape and fill in those parts where hairs don’t exist. Remember to always make is straight and smooth.

Step 3: Fill other areas.

Check if you have achieved you K-brows already, if not, touch it up more and fill in other areas that would make your brows beautiful. Top your eyebrows with brow mascara, if needed. Avoid using brow pomades.

IMAGE: Beautytap

And that is it for a perfect Korean eyebrows! Share this with your friends so that they can complete and slay out their Korean elegance!

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