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10 Tips Before-During-After Attending a K-POP Concert or Fan Meeting

Whenever a K-pop idol groups release a comeback or full album or a K-actor has finished their recent dramas, fans are getting ready to expect announcements of their possible promotion schedules. It could go from TV shows guest appearances, to fan signing events, fan meetings, to surprise fan events and the start of their concert tours.

Here in the Philippines, we are expecting a lot of K-Pop groups to visit us beginning with Stray Kids, iKON the upcoming KPOP Friendship Concert, and some Korean Actors such as So Ji Sub and Park Ji Hoon.

In this article, I will give you tips that might come handy for you when the right time (of the concert) comes. Let’s get this fangirling/fanboying life started mga bes!


1. Iponing mode: ON

Gusto mo ngang pumunta ng concert, but where is your budget, bes? First tip and the golden rule for every upcoming concert would be: saving funds. Make sure you have an allotted budget for the concert or event you’ll be attending especially if you plan to also attend overseas concerts.

You may also consider the following details when you save up:

  • Concert Ticket – Am I going to buy the cheapest? good view? VIP ticket?
  • Merch – Is it a limited edition? do I really need it? Can I buy it some other time?
  • Going abroad – Flight ticket, visa, accommodation, pocket money

If you are looking for ideas on how to save some money here are some:

  • Budgeting your money (manage your needs and wants! you may also cut your eating budget for the meantime. Bye muna sa buffets or milk tea!)
  • Sell some of your stocked clothes or merchandises
  • Have a piggy bank or separate bank account dedicated to the concert!
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It is better to have an initial fund already, since you may just tap your eomma and appa or siblings and friends if you have a small amount left to get the ticket for donations…or loans.

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2. Know their schedules

If your idol officially released the list of the countries for their tours or fan meetings, take note if they list is final and won’t be updated so you may have a backup plan if ever hindi pasok ang Pinas bes. Check the nearest country that you can visit and follow tip #1 already!

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3. Must have: Lightsticks!

If you want to be part of your idol’s color ocean every concert or fan meeting – you should never forget to bring or buy their official light sticks with you. Make sure that the light stick you will be buying is an original and the correct one! Though, you may opt for replicas or pen lightsticks if your budget restricts you.

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4. Meet new friends!

K-Pop concerts or Fan meetings is a place that can help you meet new friends to share your feels with. Don’t be shy approaching them and initiate the conversation! You will never know that they might be the ones whom you’ll spend the rest of your fangirl or fanboy feels throughout the night!

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5. Collect freebies but limit yourself

K-Pop or K-Actors Official fan clubs usually initiate fan projects, gifts, food support to the whole fan base. During the concert day they usually hand out banners, unofficial or handmade goods such as photo cards, stickers, button pins and many more. Some also provide food like crackers and water to keep the fan base active and sane before the actual concert and all of them are usually free.

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You may actually get those freebies and keep them as souvenirs! Pero wag sana lahat lahat kunin bes! Give chance to others ok?

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6. Give your idols some private time

You’ve found out that your idol will visit a certain place for some private time, it might be a good idea if you won’t disclose it publicly and follow them like sasaengs would do. Respect their privacy and let them explore the must-see or visits here in the country! Make them feel safe visiting the Philippines!

Just don’t freak out or pass out if you happen to see them at the nearest coffee shop or mall, you may just approach them nicely and tell them to enjoy their stay. Wag tatakbo at magsisigaw na pakasalan sila, baka matakot at ma-stress bes!

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7. Enjoy the event the correct way

As a concertgoer and a fan, your idol would never want to have you and the rest of their fans get hurt while they are performing. Be sure to be disciplined during the whole event. Don’t push and pull other people if you have a standing ticket and follow your correct seat ticket to avoid conflicts during the whole show.

You can also talk to the concert staffs or admins around the venue if you may find something weird or unusual at the show.

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8. Thank them for coming

Aside from fan gifts and loud cheers you have provided during their show, your idols or their entertainments might upload a photo of the concert they recently had. You may thank them for coming to the country and give them a hint that you will welcome them back at any time. You may also have a fan project associated during the show (maybe during the final song) that thanks them for coming and making the whole fanbase happy.

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9. Vacate the venue nicely

You may help the cleaning staff by disposing of your trash properly. Follow the rules, don’t run around if they all request you to leave the venue properly. If you have a backstage pass or a meet and greet opportunity, they may ask you to stay and wait for their instructions.

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10. Treasure the moment

You may review the photos and videos you have taken during the concert and upload them for others to see! Wag kalimutan lagyan ng watermark mo bes, mahirap na manakawan! Keep the freebies you received as they can serve as your keepsakes and souvenirs during the event itself! They may be handy once you spend a trip down the memory lane as time goes by.

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This is only some of the tips to consider mga bes ha! We know that being a k-fan is expensive, so make sure to be physically, emotionally and financially ready whenever your favorite K-Idol is bound to Manila! #NoMoreTeamBahay2019!

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