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[UPDATED] 11 ‘Classic Kdramas’ from 2000s We Wouldn’t Mind Rewatching!

When we say Classic Kdramas, they are the titles that we can easily name due to their outstanding delivery and wide reception. These titles were also a pioneer of introducing Korean entertainment across Asia.

Aside from the interesting plotlines these series introduced, they also served as the backbone of the modern dramas that we watch as of today. Some of them are even adapted into different versions and are always received positively.

Classic Kdramas to Rewatch

The 2000s is something memorable for us, Kdrama fans. The early 2000s was really a struggle as watching some of the dramas mentioned below are only accessible on our local channels. We get to watch them Filipino-dubbed or we will need to visit RectoDivisoria, or a sidewalk vendor to get a pirated CD at a steal price!

Now that several streaming platforms are available, some of them offer some of the titles listed below! Get ready to reminisce about your feels like an early Kdrama fan!

We’ve gathered 11 titles for you to rewatch:

1. Endless Love Installments: Autumn in My Heart (2000), Winter Sonata (2002), Summer Scent (2003), and Spring Waltz (2006)

Genre: Melodrama, Romance

Endless love, the title of the 2000 TV series was divided into four installments: Autumn in My Heart, Winter Sonata, Spring Waltz, and Summer Scent. The drama is written to feature the four seasons of love.

The first series was Autumn in My Heart starring Song Hye-kyo, Song Seung-heon, and Won Bin, we would never forget the early family-related plot twists and that ending that broke our hearts!

classic kdramas - autumn in my heart
TV Poster  from Wikipedia

The second series was Winter Sonata starring Bae Yong-joon, Choi Ji-woo, Park Yong-ha, and Park Sol-mi, the story that made us feel bad for the two star-crossed lovers, that we would never mind visiting all over again!

Winter Sonata (TV series).jpg
TV Poster from Wikipedia.

A year after Winter Sonata, the third series, Summer Scent was followed in 2003. It stars Son Ye-jin and Song Seung-heon returns for another role. The series features a story of Minwoo (Song Seung-heon), longing for his deceased first love to meet Hyewon (Son Ye-jin) after taking some time to heal abroad.

classic kdramas Summer Scent - Wikipedia
Poster from Wikipedia.

The final installment, Spring Waltz is released in 2006. The series stars Han Hyo-joo and Seo Do-Young in a story about enemies-turned-lovers in this heartwarming drama.

classic kdramas spring waltz
TV Poster from Wikipedia.

2. Stairway to Heaven (2003)

Genre: Romance, Melodrama

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This 2003 series was also one of the talks when it aired during their interesting storyline. It was starred by Kwon Sang-woo, Choi Ji-woo, Shin Hyun-joon, and Kim Tae-hee, this drama made us hate Tae-hee for a little while, and feel bad for Ji-woo’s character.

classic kdramas - stairway to heaven
Poster from Mydramalist.

3. Full House (2004)

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

This is one of the classic kdramas everyone wouldn’t mind to rewatch! Full House is one of the striking dramas that made us feel kilig for the first time in our early binge-watching. Starred by Rain, Song Hye-kyo, Han Eun-jung and Kim Sung-soo. We also learned from this series a popular Korean nursery rhyme titled, 곰세마리 (Gom Se Ma Ri or Three Bears) performed by Hye-kyo!

classic kdramas - full house
TV Poster from Mydramalist.

4. Jewel in the Palace (2004)

Genre: Historical Fiction

This drama is one of the Historical dramas and with more than 16 episodes that were introduced. We joined Lee Young-ae, Ji Jin-hee, Hong Ri-na, and Im Ho in their journey to showcase a wonderful part of Korean History to the viewers. This drama gave us a lot of feels that we wouldn’t mind rewatching those 60 episodes all over again!

classic kdramas dae jang geum
TV Poster from FilmAffinity.

5. Something Happened in Bali (2004)

Genre: Romance, Melodrama

This kdrama is something that gave us series of emotions! Starred by Jo In-sung, Ha Ji-won, So Ji-sub, and Park Ye-rin, the series gives us a typical poor-girl chaebol-guy drama that takes many twists and turns throughout the series. Something Happened in Bali is also one of the classic kdramas out there that surprised everyone with its ending.

classic kdramas Something Happened in Bali-poster.jpg
Promotional Poster from Wikipedia.

6. My Lovely Sam Soon (2005)

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

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We all know that this drama is one of the new concepts back then, with Kim Yun-a’s character breaking the stereotype of the usual female lead. The story taught us about a new perspective when falling in love and of course, Hyun Bin and Yun-a’s chemistry is also strong with this one! This drama is one of the few evidence of having sparks sa pagkain! 

My Name is KSS.jpg
TV Poster from Wikipedia.

6. Goong (Princess Hours) (2006)

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Out of all the K-Dramas in this list, Goong has been my personal and preferred favorite K-drama of all time, and I can’t even remember the times I’ve rewatched it. This show is a good introduction to balance the modern and traditional touches in Korean dramas that some shows are still adapting and using today. Yoon Eun-hye and Ju Ji-hoon’s chemistry in this show is also perfect! Admit it that you sometimes feel bad for Kim Jeong-hoons character and hated Song Ji-hyo so much!

Related image
TV Poster from Wikipedia.

7. Coffee Prince  (2007)

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

This show introduces us to a whole new world of chaebol and gender-bending formula in Korean dramas. In which the male lead, starred by Gong Yoo as every girl’s dream: rich and good-looking but acts like a jerk. The show can get really funny at times whenever Gong Yoo is struggling whenever his character is having a crisis while he is with Yoon Eun-hye’s character. This is a good show to catch-up once in a while!

Related image
TV Poster from IMDb.

8.  Jumong (2007-2008)

Genre: Historical Period Drama, Romance, Action

Jumong is one of the Historical series that introduces us to the beauty and flaws of Korean history. This 81-episode series gives us a glimpse of how Song Il-kook portrayed Jumong’s life as a child and grew up as he worked hard to establish the Kingdom of Goguryeo. Il-kook starred with Han Hye-jin in this series.

Man and woman kissing, in period costume
TV Poster from Wikipedia.

9. You’re Beautiful (2009)

Genre: Musical, Romance, Comedy, Drama

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Everyone supported A.N Jell band through this series. With Jang Keun-suk, CN Blue’s Jung Yong-hwa, F.T Island’s Lee Hong-gi and Park Shin-hye’s character portrayals, viewers were hooked to the band’s progress throughout the series and this is another gender-bending drama that viewers loved deeply!

Admit it, you were a victim of last song syndrome of this almost 10-year old drama’s soundtracks,  especially Promise and Still!

Image result for you're beautiful korean drama
TV Poster from Pinterest.

10. Boys Over Flowers (2009)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy

When South Korea announced that they will release their adaptation of the Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden in 2009, everyone waited for the series to run and it was greeted with positive reviews. In the Philippines, it is the series that made most of the Filipinos became more interested in watching Korean dramas.

Lee Min-ho made his career breakthrough in this series together with Koo Hye-sun, SS501’s Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon and Kim Soo-eun. With the drama’s plot linked with Meteor Garden, this series win our hearts and we wouldn’t mind getting eyebags rewatching the series!

Related image
TV Poster from Wikipedia.

Thanks to some of these titles, we are introduced to the amazing and interesting plotlines of Korean dramas that even some of the plotlines and twists today still amazes us! We cannot wait to watch new and interesting stories!

Bonus! Have yourself a little throwback and listen to some of classic kdramas’ nostalgic soundtracks:

Bogoshipda – Kim Bum Soo (Stairway to Heaven)

Perhaps Love – Howl & J (Goong)

Promise – A.N Jell (You’re Beautiful)

Because I’m Stupid – SS501 (Boys Over Flower)

Are you convinced to rewatch some of them now?

Have fun and ready your tissues ready, mga bes!

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