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Autumn in My Heart: Reminisce and find out where are the main leads now

Endless Love is the unofficial title of a season-themed tetralogy by KBS in the year of 2000; wherein, Autumn in My Heart belongs in. Followed by Winter Sonata, Summer Scent, and Spring Waltz. Many fans considered this drama as the bridge to the launch of Korean Wave because of its success.

The drama’s greatness

If there will be a competition with regards to which Korean drama is the saddest one but worth re-watching; then the winner would be the Autumn in My Heart. Although this series will make you feel the heavy pain, yet it cannot be denied that it will also make you fall in love.

In a matter of fact, my mom is a huge fan of this K-drama especially its main character—Song Hye Kyo. She kept on telling me years before that Jenny is the most beautiful Korean she has known. In addition, before Descendants of the Sun was shown in Philippine television; my mom always talks about Jenny being the best actress. Of course, as a curious child I was, I tried to look after Song Hye Kyo’s name online.

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Through my mom’s introduction of Autumn in My Heart to me, I became much familiar with the beauty in bitter sweet taste of past dramas. Despite the truth that Autumn in My Heart have shattered our hearts into pieces, there’s no doubt that this is such a masterpiece. Consequently, what makes the series much attractive is the fact that it included slice of life events. It’s content was just so superb which made me feel like I was involved with the conflict and pain of the characters. For me, almost half of the story is saddening, and when I asked my mom she said; “The saddest part is when Eun Suh found out that she has a terminal illness. She cried so hard every time she underwent chemotherapy. Until she died and so Joon Suh.”

Moreover, the flow of the story isn’t forced at all, same with the characters’ acting skills; which is truly exceptionally. Additionally, as a viewer, I couldn’t even blame or hate someone here; I even felt so bad when anybody was in pain. Despite the fact that I questioned why does Eun Suh tried to hide her illness from Joon Suh, and many more moments; how things were constructed aren’t flawed.

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The ending is tragedy yet how it has been delivered is fine. Truthfully, the way how an intense plot twist took its entrance in the story is astonishing. All in all, Autumn in My Heart is worthy to be recommended and talked about with other Hallyu fans.

Where are the main leads now?

Song Seung Heon played lead roles in various notable dramas aside from Autumn in My Heart; such as East of Eden, My Princess, and Player. In addition, he was also a part of several Korean and Chinese movies for the past years.

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Through the actor’s career, he had already won over 20 awards. Isn’t he such a great artist of all time?

Song Hye Kyo continued to slay after Autumn in My Heart was premiered. She played lead roles in various widely popular dramas; such as All In, Full House, That Winter the Wind Blows, Descendants of the Sun, and Encounter. Aside from that, she has also been part of several remarkable films, like Hwang Jin Yi, The Grandmaster, My Brilliant Life, and The Queens.

Through the actress’ career, she has already won more than 20 awards; including being in the list of Forbes magazine’s Korea Power Celebrity. In addition, the South Korean actress isn’t just beautiful outside and talented; know why? She is also beautiful inside as she continually helps the needy. Guess what! Song Hye Kyo is already married to the prominent actor Song Joong Ki; being the Song-Song couple.

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Won Bin played lead roles in Friends, Guns and Talks, Taegukgi, My Brother, Mother, and The Man from Nowhere. He also earned recognition through his writings and charity works where he participated. On 2015, Won Bin married Lee Na Young.

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Do you remember how this K-drama caused you pain and happiness? How about the characters, can you still recall them and watch them in their current pieces? Share your feels below, mga bes!

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