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– Charlemagne

Annyeong Chingus! Have you ever tried learning Korean for the love of K-Pop so that you may understand the lyrics or perhaps end your struggles reading subtitles while watching your favorite Kdrama? I bet you did.

Did you know that with our modern technology bringing wonders you can easily learn Hangul right at your fingertips? Yes! and that’s your mobile phone. Nowadays our smartphones can bring endless possibilities like mastering a new language.

So here are the Top 10 Korean Learning Apps that’s reliable and easy to use for starters.

1. Write it Korean

A writing recognition app that will help you learn hangul fast and efficient in a fun way. It comes with audio support so you can start pairing sounds with what your learning. It includes guided lessons to test your ability and earn stars base on your performance for each exercise. What I love about this app is you can use it offline. It doesn’t require internet so you can easily catch up learning even if your on bus.

2. Learn Korean Grammar

Got plans travelling to Korea soon? Then this is the perfect app for you. It includes 5000+ phrases with 60 categories (Ex. Greetings, Korean Expressions, Questions) that will help you to start small conversation with locals.

3. DuoLingo

Ranks as the #1 educational language app because of its advance technology to personalize every lesson. Practice reading, writing, speaking, listening and conversation with chatbots. Get rewards by the end of each exercise and saves a track of your progress. It aims to keep you motivated while learning.

4. Memrise

It’s a user generated platform which uses flashcards as memory aids. It has more than 150 language course over 25 languages. It uses interactive language and vocabulary games to earn and practice reading, listening, writing and speaking hangul.

5. Simply Korean

This app will help you survive in Korea with 1000+ Korean phrases and words. Study your vocabulary with flashcards using the spaced repetition technique and test your knowledge with fun Korean language quiz and review your score.

6. Hangul (Korean Alphabet)

Hangul teaches you the history and structure of the Hangul, then lets you learn the Hangul at your own pace using easy-to-navigate lessons, quizzes, and flashcards. It covers reading and writing lessons combined with animations. The lessons cover everything you need to learn in reading and writing Hangul with complete audios.

7. Patchim Training

Want to learn and discover Korean recipes at the same time? Patchim is a user friendly app where you can spend at least 3 minutes a day to learn Korean words everyday. The app is consist of words, sentences, illustrations. It includes various question to help you master Korean. You can get a food card after studying and these cards will complete the recipes.

8. Hangul Punch

Let’s master the Korean characters in boxing! Its an interactive app that brings learning hangul in a fun way. It offers familiarization with hangul characters, and a wide variety of categories to test your reading and spelling skills.

9. Hello Talk

Now effective learning must be incorporated with practical application. HelloTalk offers a platform to connect with native speakers as chat partners. It’s the 1st global language learning and culture exchange community that will help you connect with Korean native speakers. The App features includes Language translation, transliteration, grammar correction, text to voice, and voice recognition to improve your writing/speaking skills.

10. Google Translate

This is one of the most widely use app nowadays to effectively communicate on any foreign country. It translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and all other languages. I personally use this app to test my pronunciation when I’m trying out Korean phrases and its quite helpful.

That’s all chinggus, I hope we can all start to use our smartphones as an ally to learn hangul. 💋

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  1. Hi! I know Google Translate is a great way to listen if your Korean pronunciation is correct or not, but I’d definitely recommend Papago Translator more. In addition, Papago also has a dictionary or sample examples if you translate a word of English into Korean.

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