In a heartwarming turn of events, INFINITE’s Kim Sungkyu recently took center stage at a fan’s wedding, turning a beautiful promise made during his solo concert into a reality. The surprise celebrant moment was unveiled on Sungkyu’s personal YouTube channel, “Sungkyu Special City.”

The enchanting journey began with a VCR played at Sungkyu’s solo concert ‘Light & Voice,’ held in April of the previous year. The story unfolded about a man who, influenced by his girlfriend—a devoted fan of Kim Sungkyu—joined the exclusive ranks of ‘Sungkyu Special City Citizens.’

Sungkyu, in the video, promised to sing at their wedding if the couple ever decided to tie the knot. And fast forward to the present, and the couple, real-life citizens of the special city, got married last month.

Despite his busy schedule, Sungkyu kept his promise and headed to Daejeon for the surprise event, expressing his excitement on the way, “The bride doesn’t know I’m singing a wedding song.”

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Image Source: Kim Sungkyu Official

In a touching surprise appearance during the wedding ceremony, Sungkyu serenaded the couple with his song ‘True Love’ from his first solo full-length album ‘10 Stories,’ released in 2018. Sungkyu’s involvement didn’t end with the song; he stayed until the ceremony’s conclusion, sharing memorable moments with the couple and even posing for a commemorative photo.

The wedding’s emotion reached its peak when Sungkyu’s solo song ‘Savior’ played during the bride and groom’s march, evoking laughter and applause in celebration.

Image Source: Screenshot from the video

Expressing his heartfelt congratulations, Sungkyu shared, “I sincerely congratulate you on your marriage once again. I hope you are happy for a long time.” Grateful for the precious experience, he thanked the couple for allowing him to be part of their special day.

For an INSPIRIT like her, this must be an absolute dream come true. Sana all, bes!

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