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#Happy31stLDay: PH Inspirits-eLements gathered together to celebrate Kim Myungsoo’s special day!

It was on March 13, 1992, when an angel named Kim Myungsoo was born and eventually became the source of joy and happiness of every Inspirits-eLements all around the world!

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In celebration of L’s special day, one of his fanbases here in the Philippines, Kim Myungsoo PH Angels organized a cup sleeve event which was held last March 13 at Zoo Coffee Megamall branch.

Fans got the chance not only to celebrate Kim Myung Soo’s birthday together but also to meet and interact with each other.

The fanbase prepared a lot of adorable L merchandise in the said event and conducted a random giveaway for those who purchased a bundle kit.

Aside from that, PH fans as well wrote their heartwarming birthday messages to Kim Myungsoo in a wall cloth with a handsome photo of him on it, the said wall cloth will be send to Myungsoo. Yey! He will be able to read it by himself personally.

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They wrapped up the event by singing a happy birthday song to L and by eating together.


Kim Myungsoo PH Angels team was formed in May 21, 2019. They are avid and loving fans of the multitalented artist, Kim Myungsoo and his group, INFINITE. They are showing their support through charity events, donation drives, and hosting special events.

The team’s successful donation drives are as follows:

  • Salngan Elementary School in Zamboanguita Negros Oriental – March 2022
  • Salngan DayCare Center in Zamboanguita Negros Oriental – November 2021
  • Apoloy Elementary School in Siaton Negros Oriental – October 2021

If you want to participate in charity events and donation drives, you can reach out to the group’s admins, Maria / (IG: maria_inspirit_) Cherrie / (IG: cherriemay0521) Cat / (IG: meowsoo_l) Suzy / (IG: Lkimms) Mayb / (IG: may_lkim ) Aliza / (IG: aliza0510) Joanne/ (IG: l_viewtifulove).

To Kim Myungsoo PH angels, congratulations on this successful cup sleeve event!

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Are you an Inspirit and eLement as well? Join their growing family on Facebook at Kim Myungsoo Support Team/ Kim Myungsoo’s Angels PH.

Meanwhile, Kim Myungsoo is currently fulfilling his duties in serving his country under the Marine Corps.

Let’s wait patiently for him and look forward to his future individual and group projects with INFINITE! He will be discharged soon!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring Myungsoo. 🥰 It’s me may_Lkim, wasn’t able to attend the event but I hope to see you soon. 🥰

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