Get ready to witness a new chapter of INFINITE’s very own, Kim Myungsoo. The K-pop sensation has officially announced his solo debut in Japan, unveiling his debut single, ‘Moments,’ set to captivate fans on November 15th.

Image Source: Kim Myungsoo Official

The anticipation for L’s solo venture has been escalating, and with the release date on the horizon, expectations are soaring. ‘Moments’ is poised to showcase L’s versatility as an artist and offer a glimpse into his musical evolution beyond the group setting.

Image Source: Kim Myungsoo Official

The debut single is not only a musical treat but also a visual spectacle. The first limited edition A comes bundled with a DVD featuring the music videos and the making of tracks like ‘Melody’ and ‘Starting Over.’ This edition promises an immersive experience, allowing fans to delve into the creative process behind L’s solo endeavors.

For collectors and INSPIRITS, the first limited edition B brings an extra delight — a substantial 40-page photobook. This visual treasure trove provides an intimate look into L’s solo journey, capturing moments that resonate with the theme and essence of the debut single.

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As the release date approaches, fans can expect a harmonious blend of L’s soulful vocals, captivating visuals, and a musical narrative that promises to etch ‘Moments’ into the hearts of listeners.

Image Source: Kim Myungsoo Official

Stay tuned for Kim Myungsoo’s remarkable solo debut in Japan, destined to create ripples in the realm of K-pop and beyond.

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