WATCH: TREASURE spoofs your favorite K-drama male leads!

In TREASURE’s latest TREASURE MAP episode, they acted as the male leads from iconic K-dramas.

A dream, right? But here’s the twist.

The members of TREASURE spoof your favorite K-drama male leads!

In the latest episode of TREASURE MAP, it is titled “My BF is TREASURE.”

The episode follows a girl, Kim Yeoju who wants a boyfriend like the ones in K-dramas. Suddenly, she was given a bunch of VHS tapes by an elderly woman (played by Hyunsuk). When Yeoju plays the tape through her VCR, she is transported to scenes inspired by iconic K-Drama scenes. She becomes the female lead while the members of TREASURE are her leading men. All was well and heart-fluttering until her boyfriends weren’t exactly like the ones from K-dramas.

Jihoon played Captain Yoo Si Jin from Descendants of the Sun, Doyoung played Jihoo from Boys Over Flowers, Jaehyuk played Cheol Soo from A Moment to Remember, Jeongwoo played Song Joo (or Cholo to Pinoy K-drama fans) from Stairway to Heaven, Yoshi played Joo Won from Secret Garden, Hyunsuk and Junkyu played Ki Joo and Soo Hyuk from Lovers in Paris, Haruto played Kim Tan from The Heirs, Jaehyuk and Jihoon played Kim Shin and Grim Reaper from Goblin (and briefly spoofed Temptation of Wife), and the members of TREASURE reprised their roles from their web drama, The Mysterious Class. Asahi played a barista and a cafe customer while Junghwan played Prince Song, a spoof of Song Woo Bin from Boys Over Flowers.

The scenes become more laughable, especially when you understand the inside jokes and references.

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Of course, let’s not forget how everyone in TREASURE are not just good K-Pop idols but they are also good actors. This is their third time acting for a web drama and like before, each member shined on their own and showcased their hidden acting skills. Whether comedy, horror, or heart-fluttering stories, TREASURE proved that they are versatile K-Pop idols.

Haven’t watched the latest episode of TREASURE MAP? Watch the video below.

Featured image courtesy of TREASURE on YouTube

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