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The Best Second Lead Characters That Made Sparks Fly

There are times when we fall head over heels for the second lead characters and we just can’t seem to move on from the fact that they were not chosen by the female leads. LIKE, WHY? Let’s take a look back at some of the remarkable second lead characters that made us feel extreme second lead syndrome. Let’s give them the love that they deserve!

*Warning, some spoilers ahead!

Han Jipyeong in Start-Up

Screenshot from The Swoon

Probably the most talked-about second male lead last year, Kim Seonho took the role of Han Jipyeong in Start-Up. His good boy role sparked tons of debates online as he’s very lovable, despite being cold to others. Sadly, he wasn’t chosen by Seo Dalmi (Suzy) and chose Nam Dosan (Nam Joohyuk) instead. But he received so much love from the viewers after the drama!

Han Seojun in True Beauty

Stills from True Beauty

Hwang Inyoup took the role of Han Seojoon in True Beauty, and boy we were swooned. He may lok tough on the outside, but he’s definitely a softie for the people he love. His chemistry with Jugyeong (Moon Gayoung) was impeccable. Their cute duo moments are effortlessly shown throughout the series. He was a shoulder to lean on and definitely treated her very dearly. We already know where this would take us but we surely did hoped for a miracle.

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Chilbong in Reply 1994

Photo by CINE21

Yoo Yeonseok played Chilbong, the number one pitcher of Yonsei University’s baseball team who had unwavering feelings for Najeong (Go Ara). He has an attractive personality, asdide from the attractive looks. He was patient, sweet and determined to get the girl but her heart was already taken by someone else. Chilbong, we would gladly catch the ball you pitched!

Han Wootak in While You Were Sleeping

Screenshot from While You Were Sleeping

Aaaah, the unforgettable shadow. Who would’ve thought that a simple picture of two people’s shadows can pierce our hearts? Jung Haein played Han Wootak, an intelligent and handsome police officer. A good guy. He developed feelings for Nam Hongjoo (Suzy) But sadly, he was no match to prosecutor Jung Jaechan (Lee Jongsuk).

Go Chungmyung in Hotel del Luna

Stills from Hotel del Luna

Lee Dohyun plaed Go Chungmyung, a royal guard captain who was dubbed as a traitor. Turns out he was just actually protecting the love of his life. He was the first guest at Hotel del Luna. 1,300 years was apparently not enough to get the Jang Manwol’s (IU) heart. So if you thought you’ve waited a very long time. think about Chungmyung and how he roamed around as a firefly for thousands of years.

Kim Junghwan from Reply 1988

Stills from Reply 1988

Ryu Junyeol marked our hearts as Junghwan in the hit period drama, Reply 1988. He had a secret crush on his childhood best friend/ neighbor for a very long time. He cared for her and protected her secretly, and admired her from afar. He doesn’t have the courage to confess, thus missing the right timing. But it was not the timing, it was his many hesitations. So glad that he did not hesitate in real life because Junyeol and Hyeri are dating for years now and their relationship is still going strong! Let’s go, Kim Sajang!

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Yoon Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers

Kim Hyunjoong played Yoon Ji Hoo, a.k.a the perfect boyfriend type a woman could ever ask for— he’s rich, gentle, smart, talented and a good person at heart, but that wouldn’t matter if the girl that you like already likes someone else. (and a bad boy at that!)

Gong Taekwang in School 2015

Screenshot from School 2015

Yook Sungjae played Gong Taekwang, the happy-go-lucky, troublemaking, struggling child with a painful life. He was Lee Eunbi’s (Kim Sohyun) classmate and he stuck with her through the good times and the bad. They even won the Best Couple Award in the KBS Drama Awards yet she did not chose him in the drama. It’s been 6 years and my mind still can’t move on from the fact that he was all that and still got left out. Get a grip, Lee Eunbi!

Baek Inho in Cheese in the Trap

Screenshot from Cheese in the Trap

Seo Kangjoon played the talented pianist Baek Inho in the drama Cheese in the Trap starred by Kim Goeun and Park Haejin. Not Baek Inho-biased but almost everyone who watched the series probably chose him over Yoo Jung, the main lead. We were pissed! He played such a charming role that everyone rooted for him to end up with her. He understood Seol more than anyone and they suit each other very well. But oh well, it is what it is.

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Kim Shinhyuk in She Was Pretty

Screenshot from She Was Pretty

The best second lead would have to be Kim Shinhyuk. Choi Siwon played the loving, charming and a goofy ball of sunshine Kim Shinhyuk in the Drama She Was Pretty led by Hwang Jungeum and Park Seojoon. He was Kim Hyejin’s senior feature editor. He got close with her while working and eventually fell in love with her even before her transformation. He’s basically everything one could ask for. My feelings are still in pain even after all these years. His “Jackson!” will forever echo in my heart. We love you ten more times, Shinhyuk!

Second leads deserve all the love in the world and we’re all here to distribute our love to our favorite characters! Who was your favorite second lead character that broke your heart? Share it with us, bes!

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