Throwback to the days when we used to watch Tagalog dubbed K-Dramas on our television screens.

Since K-Dramas were released here in the Philippines, they were dubbed into Tagalog for Filipino viewers to understand the language. But to promote these dramas better on Philippine television, Tagalog songs were also used to promote them.

Even though many years have passed, these songs remain iconic and remind us of the K-Dramas we used to binge-watch on TV.

Baliw from ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’

Dae-woong (played by Lee Seung-gi) is a college student who dreams to become an actor. One day, when he goes hiking in the mountains to a temple, he accidentally releases a gumiho (nine-tailed fox) from an old painting. He meets the gumiho who resembles a young, beautiful woman, and names her Mi-ho (played by Shin Min-ah).

The song matches the K-Dramas story since Miho is shown to have a huge crush on Dae-woong and likes to follow him around. And when Dae-woong finally realizes how much he misses Mi-ho, he goes crazy or wants her by his side.

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Kilig much?

Siguro from ‘To the Beautiful You’

Jae-hee (played by Sulli) is a Korean student living in the U.S. She idolizes and becomes attracted to high jump athlete, Kang Tae-joon (played by Choi Minho). But when her favorite athlete quits sports, she is determined to inspire him again. And by doing that, she flies to Korea and disguises herself as a boy to enter an all-boys school.

With the song’s lines, “Siguro umiibig kahit ‘di mo pinapansin,” is like sung from Jae-hee’s point of view. But a not-so-spoiler, Tae-joon ends up having feelings for Jae-hee.

Sana all!

Gisingin ang Puso from ‘49 Days’ (known as ‘Pure Love’ in the Philippines)

Shin Ji-hyun (played by Nam Gyu-ri) had a perfect life: a perfect boyfriend, perfect family, and loyal friends. All was well when her boyfriend proposes to her until she got into an accident. Her spirit lingers and meets the Scheduler (played by Jung Il-woo) who tells her to collect three tears of pure love from non-relatives in 49 days.

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Ji-hyun encounters a woman named Song Yi-kyung (played by Lee Yo-won) who has given up on life. Thinking she is the perfect one she can possess in the meantime, Ji-hyun uses Yi-kyung’s body to watch over her family and friends. She was surprised to see that her perfect life isn’t so perfect when her fiancé and best friend are betraying her.

The song’s line “Naririnig mo ba ang patak ng aking luha” matches well with the series’ storyline and it also talks about missing someone.

Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin from ‘Lovers in Paris’

Kang Tae-young (played by Kim Jung-eun) is a housekeeper in Paris, working for Han Ki-joo (played by Park Shin-yang). Both agree to pretend as a couple but they end up falling in love for real. Things get more intense when Soo-hyeok, Ki-joo’s nephew also takes an interest in Tae-young.

Pag-ibig Na Kaya from ‘Princess Hours’

Shin Chae-kyoung (played by Yoon Eun-hye) had an ordinary life until she found out that she was arranged to marry South Korea’s prince, Lee Shin (played by Ju Ji-hoon). Thinking that they will never fall in love with each other or see eye to eye, Chae-kyeong and Shin end up falling in love while dealing with problems in politics and their marriage.

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The original version, “Perhaps Love” became popular that it was translated into Tagalog and used for the Tagalog dubbed version. Three versions of the song were recorded by notable Filipino singers and remains to be a very nostalgic and memorable song.

A cover of “Perhaps Love” was also recorded by Eric Nam and CHEEZE.

Rumors about a “Princess Hours” remake were reported but no confirmation has been released yet.

Feeling the nostalgia yet?

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