TREASURE partners with Columbia Records ahead of second album release in August

Columbia Records, an American record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment, signed a partnership with Treasure and plans to support all-around promotions, including the distribution of Treasure’s second album entitled ‘REBOOT’ to be released in August.

Treasure has built a solid fanbase in the Asian market and solidified its position as a next-generation global star. They completed a successful Asian tour this year and in the second half of this year, Treasure had a new beginning.

Producer Yang Hyun Suk announced their comeback and revealed his plans for the group saying, “I feel like Treasure will be reborn.”.

Along with this, they have formalized their entry into the North American market with the partnership with Columbia Records, expecting to introduce them to a wider audience as global artists.

Last month, YG Entertainment introduced the group’s sub-unit ‘T5’ and released a dance practice video and MV for the debut track called ‘MOVE’.

Watch the official MV of ‘MOVE’:

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Producer Yang Hyun Suk promised to Treasure fans, “I will do my absolute best in all possible ways so that Treasure can release great music.”

We’re excited and looking forward to Treasure’s future and global success!


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