TREASURE Announces Debut Date + Launches Concept Teaser #TheFirstStep

TREASURE is ready to take the first step towards the new world as it announces its debut date and concept teaser.

YG Entertainment’s new boy group, “TREASURE” is set to shake the world, as they make their most-awaited debut on August 7, as revealed on their official poster.

Treasure The First Step

Photo from YG Entertainment Official Twitter Account

Moreover, the debuting group also launches their concept teaser video that excites “Treasure Makers” (Treasure’s fandom) even more.

The visually stunning video showcases its 12 members, revolving on the concept of discovery. It also narrates the strong passion of the members as they conquer their dream.

There are discoveries to be made in everyday life.

Discovery is what makes our heart beat like crazy.

Because we can dream about the new world we will create

so we’re about to take our first step towards the new world.

This one step will change everything.

“No matter how hard it gets, we will believe in our path.

And this will is going to shake the world.”


Treasure came from YG’s survival program, “Treasure Box”.  

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The final 12 members had the chance to stage their group talent through a pre-release song entitled “Going Crazy”.  

Similarly, the group continuously show their charm through their various youtube content. Some of these are song covers, dance practices, T-Log, and “Treasure Map”.

Furthermore, Bang Yedam, also made his debut as a solo singer last month with the heartfelt song “WAYO”. This release is also a part of Treasure’s pre-debut promotion.

In a statement, YG reveals that Treasure’s debut MV will be the most expensive among all rookies in the history.

The entertainment powerhouse expresses their confidence on Treasure, and promises to continue providing tremendous support and high-quality content for the fans.

Meanwhile, Treasure has already achieved awesome feats before debuting. These include Weibo hot trend lister, and peaked 19th place on Billboard Social 50.

Additionally, Treasure has 1.24 million Youtube subscribers. They also garnered 950,000 viewers on their pre-debut special release live.

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Global audience are looking forward for the debut as #TREASURE_THEFIRSTSTEP #TREASURE_DEBUT_AUG07 and #MakeWayForTREASURE all trended on Twitter worldwide today.

Are you excited for Treasure’s debut bes?

Watch the epic concept teaser below!

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