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iKON’s Koo Junhoe to star alongside Jo Byung Gyu in an upcoming movie!

iKON’s Koo Junhoe is confirmed to star in an upcoming movie, “Even if I Die, Once More” (working title).

A news report from Newsen states that YG Entertainment has confirmed the news on October 18. 

Even if I Die, Once More will tell us a story of Woo-seok, a stuntman in his 40s who once dreamed of becoming an actor. However, he dies due to an accident but he suddenly wakes up during his high school years. There, Woo-seok is challenged to contemplate on his dream.

The Uncanny Counters star, Jo Byung Gyu will take the main lead role Woo-seok. Meanwhile, Koo Junhoe will take on the supporting role of Bong-kyun, a charming, cool, yet arrogant high school student. He lives in the principle of living in loyalty and dying for loyalty. 

iKONICs are surely for a treat as they get to witness Junhoe’s upcoming big-screen debut! The movie will be released sometime in October 2022.

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