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iKON’s Bobby makes a surprise appearance in ‘Show Me the Money 10!’

iKON’s Bobby is back in the hip-hop scene!

In this week’s episode of Show Me the Money, Round 5 continues as members from Team Tonawayum and Graynoma competes.

For this season, the four members of each team was given the opportunity to perform solo or by two’s. A little overview on who are the members on each teams:

Team Tonawayum:

Producers: Yumdda & Toil

Hwang Ji Sang

Team Graynoma:

Producer: Gray & WINNER’s Mino

Mudd the Student

A member from Team Graynoma, Mudd the Student has been a crowd favorite. And during his number, iKON’s Bobby surprised everyone with his appearance! The season three champion looked so good and in his hip-hop zone as he joined Mudd the Student at the stage.

In case you didn’t know, Bobby joined Show Me the Money 3 way back in 2013, he was under Team Illioinaire with The Quiett and Dok2 as his mentors. Bobby received a lot of praises and acknowledgement from the undeground rappers back then as he is the first idol-rapper who won the show.

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And if you want to check out the performance, you can watch it below:

Aside from Bobby, the following hip-hop artists also made an appearance:

  • Sumin and DBO for Team T-Sla’s Don Mills and Khaki
  • Queen Wasabi for Team Tonawayum’s 365Lit and Hwang Jisang
  • Kid Milli for Team CoKo’s Since and Tabber
  • Leellamarz for Team Tonawayum’s Basick
  • Ash Island for Team Tonawayum’s Koonta

What can you all say about Bobby’s surprise appearance? We are pretty sure you all missed him too, iKONICs!

Featured Image from Youtube.

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