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Join now: “Song Book” birthday project support for iKON’s Song Yunhyeong

iKONICs and Songnims!

Do you want to send your birthday and warm greetings to Song Yunhyeong? Guess what!

iKON’s main vocalist, dancer, visuals, talented chef, vlogger and idol Song Yunhyeong will be celebrating his birthday on February 8, 2021.

With that, Song Yunhyeong official fanbase 19950208 project presents a Song Book birthday support for the idol upcoming 27th birthday celebration.

Check out the details posted on their official Twitter account.

The Song Book will compile all birthday greetings and warm message from Song Yunhyeong’s fans worldwide.

The context can be written directly on the google form provided by the fanbase or in A4 size of paper, preferably written in full English or Korean.

What’s more?

Aside from the greetings, 19950208 project opened up a fund drive donation to be able to send Song Yunhyeong some gifts.

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The fanbase shared their plans of holding an online cupholder event and to send Yunhyeong gifts such as kitchen set, mirrorless camera, subway/ SNS advertisement and work out tools.

Song Yunhyeong debuted as a member of YG Entertainment boy group iKON, debuted in 2015.

Aside from his great skills as an idol, Song Yunhyeong also shine in doing kitchen households.

He loves to cook and most of the time, he prepared food for the members.

His love for Nivea cherry lip balm is endless to the point that he always bring it along wherever he go.

Song Yunhyeong is a gem and a hidden leader of iKON, there’s this one episode from iKON TV wherein Yunhyeong was prank, making it like the members is going into some misunderstanding.

You can watch it here:

His patience and his respect other people especially for the members are on another level, truly the hidden leader of iKON!

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Meanwhile, Yunhyeong’s YouTube account SONGCHELIN GUIDE already reached 500k subscribers.

Subscribe on his YouTube account here and show support to his content.

The deadline for the submission of birthday greetings is until December 08, 2020.

Submit yours bes and let us show our love and support to the ever passionate, kind, soft-hearted and multi-talented Song Yunhyeong.

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