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WATCH: Dara and iKON’s Jinhwan covers Tagalog song “Dahil Sayo” by Iñigo Pascual

It’s a Merry Christmas indeed for all Blackjacks and iKONICs!

Dara and iKON’s Jinhwan dropped a cover of Tagalog song “Dahil Sayo” by Iñigo Pascual on Christmas day!

The cover was posted on Dara TV’s official YouTube account, December 25. Check it out below.

Both Dara and Jinhwan are under the same label with YG Entertainment based in South Korea.

Sandara Park known as Dara for her stage name debuted in 2009 as a member of 2NE1 while Kim Jihwan popularly known as Jay made his debut as one of the members of boy group iKON debuted in 2015.

Have you watched Dara and Jinhwan’s cover of Dahil Sayo, bes?

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