Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun confirmed as leads for “Welcome to Samdalri”

A new romance drama is cooking this 2023! JTBC confirmed that Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun have accepted the offer to star in the upcoming romance drama, Welcome to Samdalri.

The drama’s synopsis proves that this is going to be another drama worth waiting for this year.

Here are 5 things we know so far about this new drama:

  1. Cha Young Hoon, who is known for his previous works When The Camellia Blooms, Are You Human? and Forecasting Love and Weather will lead the production team as the drama’s director.
  2. Kwon Hye Joo, who wrote the tear-jerking dramas Go Back Couple and Hi, Bye Mama! will pen the drama’s script.
  3. Ji Chang Wook will play the role of Jo Yong Pil, a weather forecaster who grew up in the town of Samdalri in Jeju Island. The death of his mother (a Haenyo or female diver) due to an incorrect weather report, made him decide to become a weather forecaster. He spends his time also in taking care of the elders in his town . Known for his passionate and straightforward persona, he earned the reputation of being a hard-headed troublemaker who loves to argue with his boss in the meteorological center.
  4. Shin Hye Sun will play the role of  Jo Sam Dal. She is Jo Yong Pil’s close childhood friend who left their small town to pursue bigger dreams in the city. She became a successful assistant photographer under the alias of Jo Eun Hye in Seoul. However, her hard-earned success came crashing down one day and she was forced to return to Samdalri.
  5. Life circumstances drifted the two childhood friends apart but the reunion in their little town will let them revisit the affection they once shared about each other. The build-up of romance between the two will most likely be the highlight of the story.
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It’s an on-screen tandem we are all excited to see! With the two leads headlining notable dramas before, we can expect that this casting is worth waiting for.

Stay tuned for more updates. Welcome to Samdalri is slated for release in the second half of 2023.

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