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AO EXCLUSIVE: The erratic phenomena of “Forecasting Love and Weather”

One of the most anticipated romantic comedy-drama series this love month is coming on Netflix!

Forecasting Love and Weather is about different types of people in the Korea Meteorological Administration who are facing challenges, mishaps, and still choose to rise despite the struggles. This drama will surely bring hope, passion-driven, and heart-pounding scenes that will draw the viewer’s eyes to the small screen.

During the exclusive press conference held on February 11, Director Cha Young-Hoon together with the star-studded cast Park Min Young, Song Kang, Yura, and Yoon Park talk about the making, what to look forward to, and the characters of the drama.

Director Cha Young-Hoon shared about the overall casting, highlights of the drama, and the office romance love between the two protagonists. According to him, they started filming the series last summer and had difficult factors in terms of casting and accurate diction of terminologies. He wanted to depict the variables and dynamics, diversity of characters on how they understand and grow with each other, and look into the life of people working for KMA.

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Moreover, he added that “We cannot predict nor foresee what’s going to happen in our lives and the same as with the weather.”

The Cast and Characters

Park Min Young as Jin Ha Kyung

A strict chief forecaster public official and ordinary girl next door who is passionate about her career. Park Min Young describes her character as the cold breeze like the early winter of November that despite the harsh weather, spring comes afterward. It is about the misfortunes that she encounters, she will stand right after and go on with her life.

Additionally, she admits that it is already her third office drama but it differ from her past works. To portray her character, she watches and studies documentaries as she was also having difficulty pronouncing weather service terminologies. She shared an anecdote of reading weather crafts.

Song Kang as Lee Shi Woo

An innocent, playful, dorky, but also a serious type of guy if he talks about weather updates. Song Kang describes his character as the sun shower that has some conflicts in life.

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Furthermore, he was in sync with his character and also having a tough time in pronunciation of the weather terms they used.

Yoon Park as Han Ki Joon

The spokesperson director and uptight kind of guy. Yoon Park playfully says that his character cannot be described and put into the weather term as he shifts in every minute.

He added that he was persuaded by the director to play the character, he was reluctant that he might receive hate from the viewers because of the role.

Yura as Chae Yoo Jin

A cranky journalist and weather forecaster who is quite ambitious in life. Yura relates her character to the not perfectly cloudy and sunny day.

Yura shares that she auditioned for the role twice and caught up herself burst into laughter and her heart fluttered after reading the script.

In addition, Forecasting Love and Weather is written by Seon Yeong, who spent almost 2 years of thorough research to deliver well the story.

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Enjoy your Pre-Valentine date with the first episode this coming February 12 on Netflix. The drama will also air on JTBC every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 PM.

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