Lee Seung Gi paid Manila a visit again for his 2023 Asia Tour-The Dreamer’s Dream Chapter 2 Concert in New Frontier Theatre last May 27. At exactly noon time of that same day, he held a press conference in Market! Market!’s Activity Center and gamely answered questions from the invited press including Annyeong Oppa. Everyone ‘s favorite, Sam Oh, hosted the event.

He’s dreamy as always. Dressed in crisp white long-sleeves and khaki pants, he gave some press photo time before the actual interview. Sending his signature warm smile and finger hearts, everyone in attendance can’t help but swoon in admiration of him. The loud cheers from his fans put him in the right mood for what will be a long, jampacked day for this multi-talented Oppa.

PH Airens is very close to his heart. From his first visit in 2019, he remembers how warmly he was welcomed in the country. A memory that stayed with him until the opportunity came once again to meet his Filipino fans.

Annyeong Oppa’s question was lucky enough to be asked from the main man himself.

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“What’s the best memory that you recall everytime you think about your Filipino Airens?”

His eyes lit up and he answered with a curled-up smile, “The best memory that I have is that Filipino Airens send the most fabulous letters. Every time I look at the letter, I could figure it out that “Oh, this is from Philippine Airen!” I could know it right away.”

It’s that special connection that will always make him closer to his Filipino fans. Those expressions of love and admiration had left an imprint on him. Something he cherishes even to this day.

He’s grateful that the Philippines and South Korea share a cultural communication through K-Pop and movies and even thanked everyone for loving Korean Culture.

Having gone through a number of changes, both in his personal life and almost two-decade career, Lee Seung Gi vows to continue in developing his craft by being more brave and open to new exciting projects. Something we can all look forward to.

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For his 20th Anniversary next year, he hinted on the release of a new album to be produced by a famous Korean producer and will include collaborations with some of his music seniors and juniors.

That “move instead of thinking about it” mindset seems to be what’s fueling a brand new Lee Seung Gi.

He’s back with a whole lot more to give. Let’s continue sending him our love, PH Airens!

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