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5 Reasons why you should watch “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” starring INFINITE’s L and Shin Hye Sun

The fantasy-romance drama, Angel’s Last Mission: Love is about an optimistic and cheerful angel named Dan who has the last mission before heading to eternal life in heaven. This mission is to find true love for Yeon Seo; a ballerina who lives in sorrow that makes her not to believe in love. Can he finish his mission after 100 days? What if he falls in love? What if their fate has been shaken?

The drama premiered on May 22, 2019, yet it stays a special place in every K-drama viewers’ hearts. It is just so different from the other series that you will forever remember and admired the characters.

To explain further, here are the reasons why should you watch it! You surely don’t want to miss this.

1. Eye-Opening Plot

The plot is indeed an eye-opener! It isn’t finished yet but I guarantee you that it is wholesome. It makes you excitedly wait for another episode because every episode has its own impact.

The drama has a unique plot and it has combined genres like romance, tragedy, comedy, and we can also compare it to our life.

Kathleen Asis

It also has unexpected twists that’ll surely not bore you because every episodes has it’s own ‘kilig’ impact.

Francis Shaira Jamero

Note that we are still halfway done to the ending but you can now realize a lot of things because it taught us lessons. It made us feel sad and hurt, we laugh and giggle, fell in love, and cry at the same time. It connects to today happening in our society, that you may feel alone or you may be surrounded with hate and judgments, there is still someone who will go to love you no matter what; He is up there.

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2. Casts are Superb!

Shin Hye-Sun is really a great actress! You will be amazed at how she played the role of Yeon Seo and will be literally carried out by how she acts like a spoiled brat heiress. You may think that there’s no chemistry or she may not work out with INFINITE’s L, you are absolutely wrong.

INFINITE’s L or Kim Myungsoo slayed the role of an Angel with a goofy, cheerful, and optimistic personality. You see, he is not only a singer and a visual in a band, but he is also an actor and a talented artist!

The supporting characters are also great that making the drama more amazing.

3. Unforgettable OSTs

All original soundtracks of Angel’s Last Mission: Love will bring you to a cloudy feeling that you will never forget. Have you ever heard of Last Song Syndrome? Yes, that’s right!

CHAI’s Oh My Angel which is the main ost will make you fall in love even more. INFINITE’s L’s Night to Draw You shows the affectionate heart of Kim Dan to Yeon Seo. Jess Penner’s Sweeter that will make you laugh not just because of the happy upbeat of the music but also because it shows the happy memories they build, as well as Lee Moon Sae’s A Welcome Rain that displays Yeon Seo’s emotions.

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4. Great Lines

Big applause to the writer behind this drama because the lines are very great! They handle well the personality of the characters and the lines the characters throw. And also very relatable!

5. Cinematography

The cinematography is lit! Every motion of the angles in the scene and the lighting are intact! It makes the drama more relaxing and convincing for what emotions should the viewers feel.

There’s nothing to be missed in Angel’s Last Mission: Love. The drama achieves the highest rating yet from Nielsen Korea. So what are you waiting for? Let us all watch and learn from this story as we embraced it.

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