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Kim Seon Ho spent a romantic Sunday with Ph Seonhohadas

It was indeed a romantic Sunday for Ph Seonhohadas as their Dimple Prince, Kim Seon Ho, held his first Asia Tour in Manila!

Kim Seon Ho debuted as an actor in 2017. His first drama, Good Manager, aired its pilot episode in January 25, 2017. Finally, six years after, he got to meet his Filipino fans last January 22 at the Mall of Asia Arena!

Seonhohadas can’t help but scream their hearts out when their good boy came out of the stage. Well, who wouldn’t, right?

The Hometown Cha Cha Cha actor delivered his greetings in Tagalog. He said “Magandang araw. Kamusta kayong lahat? Na-miss ko kayo.”

He also said that he is shocked after seeing the crowd and promised that he will be passionate throughout the fanmeeting.

Seon Ho’s Drama Talk

Kim Seon Ho reenacts some of his iconic K-drama scenes, with three lucky Seonhohadas!

The first scene is dancing Hong Du Shik from Hometown Cha Cha Cha. Seon Ho said that he is not good in dancing. (It’s ok!) They also reenact scenes from Start Up and Catch the Ghost.

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Learned some Tagalog phrases

Being the passionate man he is, Seon Ho learned these Tagalog phrases: Manigong Bagong Taon, Masaya akong makita kayo, and Pusuan kita / Pinusuan Kita.

2023 Kim Seon Ho Awards

Kim Seon Ho decided on his favorite Filipino food! He chose pancit as his favorite because it looks like japchae. He is also curious about sinigang.

His favorite Filipino dessert is bibingka because he said it looks like pizza, he wants to try it.

The actor also played games with fans and blessed us with his cute, playful, and sexy pose!

It was all fun and heartwarming at the same time as Seon Ho thanks his fans for being there during the hard times.

I promise to be a good person and actor, and I will also be there for you.

– Kim Seon Ho

Thank you, Kim Seon Ho, for being so amazing and professional! You are the sweetest, you deserve all our love and support!

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Thank you also to Pulp Live World for making this event possible. It was indeed a precious memory that we will be happy to look back to.

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