IU and Park Bo Gum confirms to star in an upcoming drama, “I Was Fooled”

According to a news report from SportsSeoul, South Korean singer-actress IU and actor Park Bo Gum are confirmed to star in the upcoming series, “I Was Fooled” (working title). Im Sang Choon, the writer of the dramas Fight for My Way and When the Camellia Blooms, is behind the series.

I Was Fooled is set on Jeju Island and will feature Ae Soon, a rebellious girl who was born on the island in the 1950s, and Gwang Sik, a diligent and sincere person.

The drama’s title was originally “Life” and changed to “I Was Fooled” as a reference to the Jeju dialect, where it also means “Thank you for your hard work.” It’s a story about the younger days of Korean parents, when they were all young and bubbly, laughing and reminiscing through old photos. The drama will serve as a tribute during their seasons when they were young, such as recalling a mother’s first love, a father’s story, a grandmother’s rebellious child, and a grandfather’s love life.

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IU will take on the role of Ae Soon, a rebellious child, who desires to be a poet. Despite being rebellious, she is confident and skilled, even though she cannot go to school. Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum will play Gwang Sik, who has the sincerity of an iron without words. He shows Ae Soon love and respect even though it is not completely reciprocated.

The series will start its pre-production during the first half of the year.

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