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12 life-changing quotes from “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is a superb rom-com healing drama. Our Saturday and Saturday night will never be the same again as it has already ended but all the heartwarming lessons and realizations in life will be forever engraved on our hearts.

Perhaps you need some motivational quotes from the drama today? Here are some of those:

“Life isn’t so fair for all of us. Some spend their whole lives on unpaved roads, while some run at full speed only to reach the edge of a cliff.”

– Hong Du Sik

Life is not the same for all of us, Each one of us has struggles and paces in life, fighting our own battles, carrying our burdens. Always put yourself in the shoes of others. Choose to be kind because sometimes it takes only one step of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.

“If you can’t pick up split milk, you should at least apologize to them for spilling the milk, rather than avoid them.”

– Hong Du Sik

Apologize for what you did wrong to others, admit and acknowledge your faults rather than avoiding them. We are not perfect, mistakes are inevitable in human beings but, we should take the responsibility to reconcile with the person who was hurt by our words and actions because it takes a strong person to say sorry and an even a stronger person to forgive.

“Money and success aren’t the only valuable things in life. Happiness, self-contentment, world peace, love… Life isn’t a mathematical equation. It doesn’t have a clear answer. There’s no right answer either. You’re just given a problem, and it’s up to you how you solve it.”

– Hong Du Sik

It’s true indeed that money and success aren’t the only valuable things in life. Always remember that earning lots of money at the cost of losing something priceless is making us poorer day by day because no amount of money can buy love or genuine happiness.

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“You’re bound to meet unexpected situations in life. Even if you use an umbrella, you’ll end up getting drenched. Just put your hands up and welcome the rain.”

– Hong Du Sik

There’s no certainty in life, you’re bound to meet unexpected situations in life because that’s the beauty of life, just enjoy the rain and learn to dance with it. Life may not be easy sometimes but remember, there’s a rainbow always after the rain.

“Those what-ifs are pointless there are too many variables in this world and they’ve beyond our control so it’s not your fault.”

– Yoon Hye Jin

There are things in life that are beyond our control. We should accept that fact and be brave enough to let go of the things which are inevitable because it often makes us stronger and happier. Don’t blame yourself for something that you cannot control, things will get harder for you if you do.

“Life may seem long , but it really isn’t. Throw away unnecessary thoughts and be honest with yourself”

– Kim Gam Ri

Life is really short so do what makes you happy and be with someone you love. What do you want to do? Do you have things that you need to speak up to? Get rid of those unnecessary thoughts, remember that you only live once so, let it go and be honest with yourself.

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“Look at this from a different angle, who know? perhaps, life has something else in a store for you”

– Hong Du Sik

Life is not easy, sometimes life doesn’t give you what you want not because you don’t deserve it but because there’s something better for you. Remember, God doesn’t close one door without getting ready to open another with bigger and greater things.

What may be easy for one person can be something difficult for another.”

-Yeo Hwa Jung

Each one of us is different from one another; different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. What may be easy for one person can be something difficult for another. Let’s be considerate of the feelings of others and respect their decisions in life.

“I had no idea back then, I took it for granted, so I didn’t realize how precious and rare it was.”

-Jang Young Guk

Cherish all the people who truly love and care for us. Don’t take them for granted because they are not always there by our side. If we have the chance to show our gratitude and love for that person, do it! Always remember that regret is always at the end.

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“You have a hangnail that’s bothering you. It’s painful and irritating. you need to take care of it. If not, it’ll hurt even more.”

– Ji Seong Hyun

Whatever problems or misunderstandings you are facing right now, always find a way to resolve them. Don’t hide, and don’t run from it because it will hurt you even more.

“Look around closely, and you’ll realize that you’re surrounded by many precious things. ever day is full of so much excitement”

– Kim Gam Ri

Life may not be easy but life is such a greatest gift from above. There are so many ups and downs, there are so many unpredictable things that might hurt us or make us smile, but that’s the beauty of life. The struggles, the difficulties in life will make us stronger and our foundation to create a better version of ourselves in the future.

“The sea won’t always be this gentle though. We will be met with and waves and even typhoons will come our way”

– Hong Du Sik

Be courageous in fighting the battles of your life. It’s hard and this might cause you pain but it’s all worth it! So, whatever you are going through right now, I believe you can do it! Keep fighting, never lose hope because better days are yet to come.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is a masterpiece we will never forget, it touched so many lives and we are so grateful for that. Indeed, a healing drama!

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